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Well shiiiit. Forgot to read the Spanish Tragedy for today. Oopsies. On The Spanish Tragedy- Kyd: 1558-1594. His father wrote legal documents for a living, and had money enough to send Kyd to a good school. He was there versed in Latin, Mythology, and History. Wrote plays starting when he was 17. Wrote along with Marlowe, who was stabbed in the eye in a bar fight and died. Marlowe was also a supposed atheist, here meaning he didn’t believe in organized religion. Kyd was detained and tortured, and only after Marlowe’s death did he talk of Marlowe’s misdeeds. He died a year later as a result of his injuries. Once again, how the avenger becomes what he wants to kill. Titus- Rome. Spanish Tragedy- Spain! (and Italy) Set here because the Spaniards and Italians are Catholic. And Catholics are funny because they do all sorts of wacky things and have these ingenious ways of killing each other off! Themes: Destiny. Justice on earth, justice in heaven. More types here than in Titus.
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Unformatted text preview: We have the 1602 Edition at the back of her book, wait until the end of the reading to see how tastes have changed. We open on the Ghost of Andrea and Revenge. It’s a prologue where everyone gets to know everything that’s going to go on. Andrea is sent to the Greek underworld and placed in front of three justices, whose job it is to sort the boxes and put him in the right box. The queen of the Underworld likey. She wants to play. And Revenge has to keep Andrea from going ballistic as he wants it (revenge) to come faster. Oy, that sentence sounds so wrong. Pride is the worst of the sins as it encompasses all the rest. If you’re prideful, your probably all those other things too. Well, at least she knows we forgot that it was today to start the Spanish Tragedy. Horatio gets the cash. Lorenzo gets the armor (the better stuff)....
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