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2.8 - Base reaction I’ve gotta kill somebody Who Also...

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Espanol! Why do we have multiple people serving as different audiences? Well, we know the most out of everyone. Revenge and Andreas the second most. Everyone else, much less. B-I and Horatio’s love is like a bad song. It just keeps getting more saccharine. Anything not taking place in the light is not safe and therefore doomed. Daughters as tools and bargaining chips. More bad stuff taking place in the dark. Hang and stab. Hang and stab. Hang hang hang and stab stab staaaaaaab! Poor Hieronimo. Comes to help because a murder has been found, only to discover it’s his son. He knew his son, unlike the Viceroy of Portugal.
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Unformatted text preview: Base reaction: I’ve gotta kill somebody! Who? Also, doesn’t entomb Horatio until his revenge has been transpired. (If a murderer touched the corpse of his victim, the wounds would bleed again). Hieronimo and Isabella Pre Revenge: Happy, loving married couple. Post revenge: suicidal mess. Boo nobles! Yay normal people! Bel-Imperia actually enacts her revenge on her own accord. Effective ladies are fun. Leave revenge to God. Parallels between Portugal and Spain to remind how not to rule. Hieronimo doesn’t jump to things, even when he has a letter written in blood....
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