2.15 - sthupping He sthupped once to conquer but now he has...

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Everyone covets something. Franklin covets his friend. Class is still a major thing with the characters. Alice is above Arden in social structure. She has shed light on poor Arden by marrying down. Women normally marry up, but Alice married down. She’s a later daughter, so its good that she got married at all, else she would have become a nun. With higher nobility comes higher morals, but we all knot that’s not true. Bad: She’s cheating. Really bad: it’s obvious Even worse: the guy’s a lower class than Arden. Arden has no real interest in the vag. He’s a businessman and doesn’t care about
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Unformatted text preview: sthupping. He sthupped once to conquer, but now he has no interest in any other sthupping. Susan is the prize inside for whoever kills Arden. Will was a soldier and an inept killer, but kill is all he can do as the economy is in the crapper. How many times can you fail to kill one man? Sliver dice: unlike the Beatles, you can buy me love here. Mosby gets a new toy from the toy he’s currently using. Remember all those good times we had together? We totally plotted my husbands death together! Arden the mean landlord. And Arden Magoo. Alice knows what works with what man....
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