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Unformatted text preview: led results on the global situation. It is based on a close collaboration between The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and the World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA). BCG has worked closely with leading companies around the world on a wide range of HR issues, helping with HR strategy, management, KPIs, and strategic workforce planning. BCG has assisted its clients in managing talent, organizing HR functions, managing performance, redeploying the workforce, and managing demographic risk. It has also helped companies establish shared service centers and outsourcing arrangements. WFPMA and its member associations have worked to enhance the quality of HR management and to develop and elevate professional standards. Through its programs, HR executives have opportunities to garner insights and exchange ideas that enhance corporate and personal capabilities in HR. We believe that our findings will appeal to HR professionals and senior business executives alike. On the basis of the positive feedback from our previous reports, we plan to continue our regular research in HR issues. C P A Acknowledgments We would like to thank the many executives who shared their thoughts during interviews, as well as the executives who completed the online survey. The insights and expertise of these individuals have greatly enriched this report. A list of interviewees who were willing to be named is provided in Appendix II. We thank Markus Benicke, Oliver Dost, Rolf Hülsenbeck, Torsten Kordon, Thomas Krüger, In-Hae Lee, Michael Leicht, Stefanie Michor, Frauke Uekermann, and Angelika Witt for their research and analysis, and John Campbell and Elizabeth Collins for their help in writing this report. The authors also thank the members of the BCG and WFPMA steering committees for their help with this project. From BCG: Jens Baier, Vikram Bhalla, Rolf Bixner, Andrew Dyer, Grant Freeland, Fiona McIntosh, Benjamin Pinney, J. Puckett, Steve Richardson, and Roselinde Torres. From WFPMA: Fernando Ariceta, Stephanie Bird, Carolyn Gould, Janaka Kumarasinghe, Elijah Litheko, P.O. Mak, Jorge Jauregui Morales, Horacio Quiros, and Peter Wilson. We extend further thanks to the WFPMA country organizations that supported this study. A complete list of the supporting organizations is provided in Appendix III. Furthermore, we are grateful for the support we received from various BCG senior experts in coordinating and conducting interviews and for their expert advice: Miguel Abecasis, Vassilis Antoniades, Sri Aparajithan, Allison Bailey, Jorge Becerra, Maurice Berns, Lamberto Biscarini, Dag Fredrik Bjørnland, Jo Brady, Massimo Busetti, Charmian Caines, Miguel Carrasco, Santiago Castagnino, Jean Le Corre, Elisa Crotti, Christopher Daniel, Nan DasGupta, Filiep Deforche, Giuseppe Falco, Dominic Field, Marguerite Fitzgerald, Patrick Forth, Karen Gordon, Alexandre Gorito, Deepak Goyal, Mayank Gupta, Rajneesh Gupta, Knut Haanæs, Bent Dyhre Hansen, Carl Andreas Holm, Michael Imholz,...
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