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Unformatted text preview: r smaller gap uncertainty increase the need for companies to rely on in their own performance than HR professionals do. advanced analytics, scenario simulations, and other sophisticated workforce-planning levers. The rest of the report discusses how to strengthen the various links among employees, the HR function, High-performing companies emphasize certain HR and business strategy and execution. Here’s a sumpractices that low-performing companies tend to mary of the five sections. play down. ◊ “Global Trends in Managing People” summarizes the ◊ Performance management and rewards is a topic that survey results, revealing which topics executives deem critical and which corporate capabilities need upseparates strong and weak companies (as measured by grading revenue and profitability growth). It was ranked the second-highest HR capability by high-performing companies but only ninth by low performers. This correla◊ “Do You Have the Right Future Leaders?” discusses tion highlights the value of focusing on performance how the HR function can build stronger capabilities in and rewards. leadership development and talent management ◊ High-performing companies also focus their efforts on fewer, carefully chosen HR projects. Even when they C P A ◊ “A Strategic Workforce Plan to Build the Capabilities You Need” outlines an approach to creating long-term strategic workforce plans that incorporate future shis in strategy, product mix, and technology Two additional elements round out and enhance the content of the report. ◊ “Building Flexibility in the Workforce” examines the use of flexibility measures to create a more elastic and engaged workforce ◊ The White Paper Creating a New Deal for Middle Managers: Empowering a Neglected but Critical Group discusses how to empower middle managers to better execute the business strategy and engage employees ◊ “Developing Capabilities for HR to Partner with the Business Units” lays out a road map for HR professionals to develop new analytical skills and expert knowledge, and to serve as trusted counsel to business managers ◊ A CD contains a PDF file of the report, detailed survey data by country and industry, case studies, and video interviews with the global HR vice presidents of Google and Nokia T B C G • W F P M A Global Trends in Managing People N excel in several HR areas relative to low performers, such as performance measurement and rewards. Even when they have strong capabilities in an area, high performers dedicate more investment to focused projects, typically leading to better results. ow that companies are resuming their search for growth, many of them must rebuild their foundation of human capital that was eroded during the global recession. In particular, our survey shows, they must pay attention to such areas as managing talent and developing current and future leaders—topics that respondents assigned high future importance but weak current capabilities within t...
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