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Unformatted text preview: rporate capabilities in this area have improved only slightly since our 2008 survey. ◊ Improving leadership development has risen in importance over the past two years. Fiy-six percent of sur- T B C G • W F P M A vey respondents cited a critical talent gap for senior have a strong capability in an important HR area, managers’ successors. In volatile times, leaders who these organizations keep refining and experimenting can convey the company’s vision and motivate emto grow even stronger. ployees are invaluable. It is generally easier and more effective for homegrown talent to step into leadership Companies need to reboot their HR function and roles. Yet companies fill more than half of their execuboost resources devoted to it. tive positions from outside, suggesting that internal leadership-development programs, in◊ HR professionals should be viewed as cluding corporate universities, need to functional experts and partners to the High-performing be improved. business units, similar to corporate ficompanies emphasize nance. At many companies, they have HR practices that been going through this transformation, ◊ Employee engagement suffered during but they still need stronger capabilities the past two years because of layoffs low performers and larger roles. HR professionals themand other cutbacks. Companies are now play down. selves acknowledge that they have big trying to restore a sense of pride and capability gaps in business analytics, trust. Our survey found that flexibility business planning, and client relationship managemeasures such as job mobility and flexible work arment. In particular, more sophisticated analytical skills rangements can help improve engagement and are will permit them to better predict future requirements, more effective economic measures than cutbacks over track performance outcomes, and calculate the return the long term. Strengthening the corps of middle manon investment for various human-capital initiatives. agers, who supervise the majority of employees, is another means of bringing engagement back. ◊ While both HR professionals and business managers ◊ Strategic workforce planning is the cornerstone of factrecognize the need for training and other developmenbased HR management. Companies need an accurate tal initiatives, the differences in their perceptions must picture of the composition, age structure, and capabilbe addressed. Business managers view HR professionities of their people. But executives rated current capaals’ HR expertise as less important than their skills in bilities low in this regard. Only 9 percent of companies business planning and conflict resolution. And, while deploy a sophisticated workforce supply-and-demand both groups agree that business managers’ handling of model, suggesting that strategic-workforce-planning capoor performers is their most important people-manpabilities have a long way to go. Business volatility and agement skill, business managers see a fa...
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