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Unformatted text preview: ners to better support—but also challenge—the businesses a “use case” that detailed the steps required to address the HR issue at hand. Next, a set of the most relevant quantitative, qualitative, and process-related KPIs could be derived and made accessible in a TWM online “cockpit,” tailored to the specific needs of the business partners. As a result, transparency on these KPIs can be provided instantaneously as executives sort out the strategic-use cases and HR challenges. One early outcome from TWM has been Deutsche Telekom’s labor-cost management pilot, spanning labor cost issues from collective bargaining and strategy development to systematic labor-cost monitoring and benchmarking across foreign assets. The company thus has gained an effective instrument to identify and counteract negative cost developments on an international scale. A second early outcome was the skills-based restructuring of the company’s systems-integration business. By tying HR’s activities closely to the strategic business challenges, TWM has made HR professionals even more relevant for the business side, shiing their role from executing strategy to being independent challengers and true strategic partners. The TWM measures derive directly from specific business challenges, whether related to location, demography, or other variables. For each challenge, the company defined T B C G • W F P M A Building Flexibility in the Workforce T o maintain a lean, agile workforce, highcent above the average. (See the sidebar “Short-Time performing companies favor measures that Work in Germany: Using a Flexibility Measure to Avoid increase fl e xibility, such as job mobility or Layoffs.”) streamlining processes. By contrast, lowperforming companies tend to rely on layoffs Three other flexibility measures were also touted as and other cutback measures to weather crises. Cutback highly effective. Reinforcing job mobility allows companies measures destroy morale and ultimately are less effective to respond to economic vicissitudes without laying than flexible approaches. A creative, balanced approach tooff employees. At Oracle Corporation in the Philippines, ward these workforce measures gives compafor instance, employees from one office nies the tools to help them emerge from ecothat had excess capacity would help at Cutback measures nomic crises stronger than before. another office that was quite busy, said Judestroy morale and dith Rivera, HR director. Tightening hiring are less effective The global economic recession of the last criteria typically results in the hiring of few years has underlined the importance fewer, but higher-potential, employees, than flexible of a flexible workforce. Flexibility enables while streamlining processes allows more approaches. agility in both strategy and execution—for work to be done with less effort. example, allowing companies to move quickly into a new market or shut down an underperFlexibility measures are su...
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