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Unformatted text preview: ing: Below is the evaluation sheet I’ll be using to grade. Worth a gander, I reckon. CONCEPTUAL STRENGTH /40 points possible • • • • Is there a big idea that holds the project together thematically? Is the big idea truly original, or have we seen something like it before? Does the idea effectively address the issue? Is this project interesting/entertaining/thought-provoking? Is the reward there? BUZZ /20 points possible • • • • Does the project lend itself to gaining word-of-mouth advertising? Does this project reflect the group members’ thorough understanding of the need for the idea to gain potential local/national media coverage? Is there a buzz-generating plan in place to get it noticed? Is this content that could spark a movement? Are there ideas here worth spreading? CREATIVE BRIEF /20 points possible Does the brief go beyond the expected to offer true insights from which to develop a creative campaign? Is thoughtful consideration given to developing answers that provide clarity and strong direction? Is this a focused, well-worded creative blueprint that demonstrates a connection to the creative executional approach? • • • PRESENTATION /10 points possible • • • • • Does this project take full advantage of the selected format? Is the format appropriate for this topic/subject matter? Is the project free of grammar, spelling and punctuation errors (where applicable)? Are all group members properly credited with the work? Was the project delivered according to specifications? THAT CERTAIN SOMETHING /10 points possible • • • • There’s something special here. This makes us say “wow!” There’s a real sense here that the team worked particularly well together. This is the kind of work I’d share with future students, future classes. There are insights here that are truly unique and enlightening within this topic. Reminder: Group evaluations will happen. So do your part....
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