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Unformatted text preview: lecture notes will be available on the class web page by 5pm the night before lecture (email me if you don’t see them). I will annotate the notes in lecture. The annotated notes are not available outside of class. If you miss class and want the lecture notes, ask a fellow classmate or your TA for a copy of the notes. SECTION: There are weekly discussion sections for this course. You are not required to attend section, but in section the TAs will cover the kinds of problems you are likely to see on exams. Each week, the problems your TAs will cover will be posted on the class web page, and you are encouraged to try these problems on your own before coming to section. Answers to the problems will not be posted until shortly before each examination. EXAMS: There will be two midterms and a cumulative final. Dates are not negotiable. Midterm 1: Friday, October 19th, in class Midterm 2: Wednesday, November 14th, in class Final Exam: Friday, December 14th, 8-11:00am, location TBA GRADES: Homework (20%), Midterm 1 (20%), Midterm 2 (20%), Final (40%). Grades for the course will be curved. ADMINISTRATIVE ISSUES: 1. If you have a documented disability, please come to talk to me as soon as possible so that I can make suitable accommodations for you. If you believe that you have a disability and desire accommodation, please register with the Office for Students with Disabilities. 2. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. Students are expected to do their own work, as outlined in the UCSD Policy on Integrity of Scholarship: All suspected cases of academic dishonesty will be reported to the Academic Integrity Coordinator. Students found guilty of academic dishonesty will earn a failing grade for the course. They also may be suspended from UCSD. 3. If you need to miss a midterm for a verifiable medical/legal/sports reason, your midterm grade will be your grade on the final. Failure to notify me promptly that you must miss a midterm will result in a zero grade for that midterm. Unexcused absences will also result in a zero. 4. If you arrive late to an exam, I will allow you to take the exam in the time that remains as long as no one has turned in his/ her exam and left the room. Once a classmate has turned in his/her exam, you will earn a zero on the test if you arrive late. 5. UCSD now has automated waitlists. If you have any questions regarding adding the class, please refer to Triton Link or contact the undergraduate advisors in Sequoyah Hall 245. 6. With the permission of the TA, you may attend any discussion section and go to any of the TA’s office hours. 7. Midterms and exams that you do not pick up will be kept for one quarter following the end of the course and then thrown away (at which point your scores cannot be disputed). READING: Below is a list of the reading for the course. You are only responsible for sections of the textbook that we cover in class. Chapters refer to the UCSD custom edition of the textbook. You are expected to keep up with the reading on your own. Topic Chapter Comparative Advantage 2 Supply and Demand 3 Elasticity 4 Demand 5 (including appendix) Perfectly Competitive Supply 6 Efficiency, Exchange & The Invisible Hand 7 International Trade Supplemental Material TIPS TO DOING WELL: The best way to do well in this class is to complete the weekly homework assignments and section questions. It is easy to lull yourself into thinking you understand the material better than you do, and completing practice problems is a good reality check. Coming to class is also important, especially since we will sometimes cover topics that are not covered in the reading....
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