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Homefront group quiz

Homefront group quiz - e John Perry quote 1 “you don’t...

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Homefront group quiz 10-19-07 1. Soldiers are becoming more like civilians a. Quote pg 220 b. Less violence as the focus becomes disaster relief 2. Civilians are becoming more like soldiers a. They are performing the same jobs as the soldiers 3. “The military has also been “civilianizing” war making” (224) a. The civilians were helping to identify targets 4. “A civilian is protected, a soldier is the protector” (228) a. Civilians enjoyed peace and safety b. Soldiers face war c. Civilians roles become feminized d. Soldiers roles become manly
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Unformatted text preview: e. John Perry quote 1. “you don’t want to go to some third world country and baby sit poor people” 2. Soldiers tough, violent appearance in declining 5. Junior ROTC programs (221) are forcing the soldier life on civilian kids a. The army tried to link the “civilian” schools with “military ideas” 6. The distinction between the civilian and the soldier is wearing down a. Soldiers shop at malls, teach ROTC classes, and go to school b. This makes them blend in with civilian livestyles...
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