sociology Chapter 5 outline

sociology Chapter 5 outline - Chapter 5 168-200 Genes...

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Chapter 5 168-200 Genes, Culture, and Gender - In viewing human similarities and differences, two perspectives dominate- an evolutionary perspective and a cultural perspective. - Natural Selection - the evolutionary process by which nature selects traits that best enable organisms to survive and reproduce in particular environmental niches. - Evolutionary Psychology - the study of the evolution of behavior using principles of natural selection. - We humans are the way we are because we inherited ancestors traits. - Culture - the enduring behaviors, ideas, attitudes, and traditions shared by a large group of people and transmitted from one generation to the next. -Evolutionary psychology incorporates environmental influences. Nature predisposes us to learn no matter what culture we are born into. The cultural perspective highlights human adaptability. -cultural diversity can be represented in inner city school where many cultures are represented. - Norms - rules for accepted and expected behavior. Prescribe proper behavior. -normal to eat meat in Scotland with fork facing down in left hand. In America, it is
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sociology Chapter 5 outline - Chapter 5 168-200 Genes...

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