sociology Chapter 4 outline - Chapter 4 Notes -Attitude- a...

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Chapter 4 Notes -Attitude- a favorable or unfavorable evaluative reaction toward something or someone, exhibited in one’s beliefs, feelings, or intended behavior. -people’s attitudes may or may not cause them to act upon these attitudes. -Bogus Pipeline- a procedure that fools people into disclosing their attitudes. Participants are first convinced that a machine can use their psychological responses to measure their private attitudes. Then they are asked to predict the machine’s reading, thus revealing their attitudes. Theory of Planned Behavior- many factors can make someone act a certain way, but the intended behavior must be turned into real behavior. (ex. I am fat. I am going to start running next week. Action- exercising.) Summing Up- Attitudes and behaviors feed eachother. Attitudes, however, are poor predictors of behavior. Change in attitudes does not mean a change in behavior. Our attitudes will predict our behavior if these other influences are minimized, if the attitude is potent, and if the attitude corresponds very closely to the predicted behavior. Only under these circumstances are there a correlation between what we think and what
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sociology Chapter 4 outline - Chapter 4 Notes -Attitude- a...

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