sociology Chapter 7 outline - Chapter 7 249-283 -Peripheral...

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Chapter 7 249-283 - Peripheral route to Persuasion - occurs when people are influenced by incidental cues, such as a speaker’s attractiveness. -cigarette ads target people’s feelings towards attractiveness, instead of trying to explain why people should buy their cigarette. Advertisers use incidental cues to make snap judgments. - Credibility - believability. A credible communicator is perceived as both expert and trustworthy. - Sleeper Effect - a delayed impact of a message occurs when an initially discounted message becomes effective, as we remember the message but forget the reason for discounting it. - Attractiveness - having qualities that appeal to an audience. An appealing communicator is most persuasive on matters of subjective preference. - Primacy Effect - other things being equal, information presented first usually has the most influence - Recency Effect - information presented last sometimes has the most recent influence. Recency effects are less common than primacy effects. -
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sociology Chapter 7 outline - Chapter 7 249-283 -Peripheral...

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