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Classnotes_1 - perspective of the subfield Be able to...

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Classnotes 1 – Spring 2008 Introduction to Psychology Dr. Hunt – Psych 100.001 Objectives What do Psychologists know about first impressions? (e.g., 6 universal facial emotions) Know the official definition of Psychology Be familiar with 7 subfields of Psychology we discuss in class. Know the types of questions these fields are interested in asking Understand the most likely way the answer would be framed considering the
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Unformatted text preview: perspective of the subfield Be able to understand, explain and recognize examples of ‘Hindsight Bias’ Be able to understand and explain the principle of ‘Overconfidence Phenomenon’ Know how ‘Confirmation Bias’ relates to overconfidence Be able to recognize examples of ‘The Confirmation Bias’...
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