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Classnotes_2 - correlation between two factors/variables...

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Classnotes 2 Introduction to Psychology Dr. Hunt – Spring 2008 Objectives (Chapter 1 Continued) : Methods of Psychology l What are the 4 types of descriptive methods of studying behavior? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these methods? Naturalistic Case Study Surveys Correlational What is a positive correlation coefficient? What’s an example of a positive correlation between two factors/variables? What is a negative correlation coefficient? What’s an example of a negative
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Unformatted text preview: correlation between two factors/variables? Know the 4 steps of the Scientific Method: 1. Hypotheses: What is a hypothesis? What is an operational definition? Be able to provide examples. 2. Study Design Descriptive methods (see above) or an experiment 3. Analyze & Conclude Uses statistics to determine probability of results 4. Report Findings Report findings in journals or other publications...
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