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Classnotes_7 - Understand the Association Principle(ex...

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General Psychology Spring 2008 – Dr. Hunt Classnotes 7 Ch. 5 Learning: Key Words and Objectives Know the basic definition of ‘Learning.’ Understand the basic terminology of Classical Conditioning (CC) Stimulus (S) Response (R) Unconditioned Response (UCR) Unconditioned Stimulus (UCS) Conditioned Stimulus (CS) Conditioned Response (CR) Know how acquisition of CC works (3 steps), generalization, discrimination, extinction and spontaneous recovery. Know Pavlov’s and Watson’s contributions to understanding the process of CC
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Unformatted text preview: Understand the Association Principle (ex: advertising) Understand operant conditioning in terms of punishment and reinforcement (BOTH positive and negative). Includes: Types of reinforcers, principle of shaping Law of Effect Know the 4 schedules of partial reinforcement: 1. fixed ratio (FR) 2. variable ratio (VR) 3. fixed interval (FI) 4. variable interval (VI) Know the consequences or side-effects of punishment + =...
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