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Iallyconstructedgender sociallyconstructedgender

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Unformatted text preview: al dynamics, a fa’afafine can be with a man or a woman, … Source: http://www.thetraveltart.com/gender-roles-the-third-gender-in-samoa-the-faafafine/ Androgynous Cultures Androgynous Cultures Ex: Tahiti Social roles of men and women are similar Share similar personality characteristics No word for gender –no male/female pronouns Few cultures exist that have parity among genders In most cultures, male roles/behaviors have higher status Depictions of Androgyny found in many cultures What is the Psychology of Women? What is the Psychology of Women? Historically was about differences between men and women. Men seen as the norm Women seen as different and inferior Field called “Psychology of women” developed in the 1970’s during the women’s movement Now, women make up over half of psychologists The Psychology of Women Two General Approaches: Two General Approaches: Similarities & Differences Differences Approach Differences Approach Differences approach Essentialism ­ emphasizes the differences between women and men, based upon the essential qualities that are biological. View that these biological qualities are what makes men and women different. Also called alpha bias Women’s “difference” seen as inferior Ex: Freud (counter Horney) Similarities Approach Similarities Approach Similarities approach Men and women are basically alike in their intellectual and social behaviors. Any differences that do occur are produced by socialization, not biology. Also called the beta bias. Feminist Approaches Feminist Approaches Liberal feminism Women and men should have the same political, legal, economic, and educational rights and opportunities. Cultural feminism Women and men are different and that more respect should be given to women’s special qualities, such as nurturance, concern about others, and cooperativeness. Radical feminism Gender inequality is based on male oppression of women. Patriarchy (dominance of women) must be eliminated in order for women to become empowered and gain equality in all life areas. Feminist Approaches (cont’d) Feminist Approaches Sot feminism Belief that economic inequality (in capitalistic society) is root of gender inequality Women of color feminism aka womanism the belief that racism, classism, important as sexism. are as Research & the Research & the Psychology of Women BIAS still evident in research Researchers’ values/beliefs can influence the research process (regardless of their gender) Theories of Gender Typing Theories of Gender Typing Shift to Ch 3...
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