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4 configuration management and logs records subsystem

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Unformatted text preview: ription. b) Enter the dates or double-click the Start and End Date fields to display the Calendar (on page 21) to select the dates. c) Select the From and To Organizations from the lists. d) Click OK. 4 Assign aircraft, equipment, and personnel to the newly created detachment. For procedures, see Move Aircraft, Equipment, and Personnel to a Detachment (on page 175). 5 Deploy the detachment. For procedures, see Deploy a Disconnected Detachment (on page 165). For more information, see Detachment Processing (on page 159). Send Changes from Detachment to Squadron for Replication The SA or any other authorized personnel from a detachment sends changes that occurred during the deployment period to update the squadron and replicate to the top tier. This process includes saving the changes to the files and then sending them to a medium (tape, CD, or Email). This process is also called Actual Sweep Out. Currently, the changes can be sent to tape, CD, or e-mail. The CD process is the same as the intranet process. If you encounter any problems with these procedures, contact SPAWARSYSCEN Norfolk Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Fleet Support. # To save changes to a file and send to tape, CD, or e-mail: 1 Open the Group Explorer (see "How to Access the Group Explorer" on page 151). 2 Go to the Utilities menu and select Save Changes to a File. 3 At the series of Messenger Service prompts stating that the ActualsOut process has started and finished, respond accordingly. 4 Once you have saved the changes to a file, right-click the file, go to the Utilities menu and select Send Changes to a Media (Tape/CDE-mail). Note: To send changes from the detachment to the squadron by email, see the NALCOMIS OOMA System and Database Administration Guide. 178 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA 5 Respond to the Save to Media prompt stating "NT Backup called…" 6 At the Messenger Service prompt stating that the backup is finished, click OK. 7 When the files are sent to tape or e-mail, load the tape or e-mail to the squadron server; see Load Procedures to DMS (on page 168). Report Generator This dialog box appears when you are deploying a disconnected detachment or when you are transferring inventory items out of your organization. The box enables you to view or print the following reports related to the function. ! ! Life Limited Report (on page 178) ! Scheduled Inspections Report (on page 179) ! 1 Aircrew Report (on page 178) Outstanding Requisitions Report (on page 178) Select the appropriate report. 2 Select Screen or Printer in the Send Report To box. 3 Click Submit to view or print the report. 4 Click Cancel to continue the process. For more information, see Transfer Aircraft, Equipment, Component, and/or Personnel Online (on page 184). Aircrew Report The Aircrew Report reflects information on aircrew personnel who are being transferred out of your organization. The report contains personal, historical, and current qualification data. For procedures on generating t...
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