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Acc and higher authority on the date the change

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Unformatted text preview: means of recording a change in custody, inventory, or location of aircraft assigned to your activity's custody. The XRAY report is submitted to the respective ACC and higher authority on the date the change occurs. The various changes are defined by the status codes delineated in AIRRS instructions. Once the Logset Clerk or any other authorized personnel adds his/her signature on the report, the report is replicated to the IDE. XRAY transaction numbers are assigned sequentially to each aircraft belonging to the organization. XRAY serial numbers can only be seen by generating an ADHOC query. How to Access the XRAY Explorer On the NALCOMIS OMA window: 1 Click Configuration Management and Logs & Records -orGo to the File menu, choose Open, and select Configuration Management. 2 Click XRAY Explorer -or- . . Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem 307 Go to the File menu, choose Open, and select XRAY Explorer. XRAY Explorer - Window Description The XRAY Explorer lists on the left side the aircraft serial numbers of all aircraft assigned to your custody. In case of a multi-organization environment, the Organization Code will be displayed on the right side of the aircraft serial number to ensure that the logged in user, due to his SMQ assignments, can determine which aircraft is in the custody of each organization code. Toolbar Buttons and Menu Options - XRAY Explorer The XRAY Explorer displays the following toolbar buttons: Toolbar Button/Option Create XRAY Action Adds an XRAY report to an aircraft. Update XRAY Displays an existing XRAY report for update. Delete XRAY Removes an XRAY report from the database. Create COL XRAY Adds a COL XRAY report for each aircraft involved in Change of Location transaction. Update COL XRAY Displays an existing COL XRAY for update. Delete COL XRAY Removes an existing COL XRAY report from the database. 308 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA XRAY Explorer - Procedures The XRAY Explorer enables you to view, create, update, or delete an XRAY report including the change of location (COL) transactions. When you click or double-click the selected serial number, rows of data appear underneath the aircraft serial number that correspond to the XRAY Action Date, Action Codes, Status Codes, and Transaction Numbers, respectively. The XRAY Transaction Numbers are assigned by the system to each aircraft sequentially beginning with 1 and increments as each XRAY report is submitted. These numbers become a part of the aircraft life history and will continue to increment as XRAY reports are submitted wherever the aircraft may be. Note: XRAY serial numbers are no longer required when using OOMA. XRAY Transaction Numbers have replaced the requirement for serial numbers. Click the applicable toolbar button on the upper window to Print, Preview, Save As File, or E-mail. For procedures, see Common Utilities and Functions in Explorers and Catalogs (on page 129). For procedures, see the following topics: ! Create a...
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