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Asr ehr msr src or alss note 4 use the sort and filter

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Unformatted text preview: s breakdown of the aircraft, engine or assembly that you selected in the Inventory Explorer. The right side displays the Configuration tab that contains the Usage Indicator Filter (drop-down list) and the actual worksheet which is broken into individual data columns* used to update the inventory properties of installed components being updated. Further, the right side only displays the installed inventory items based on the selected Usage Indicator Filter. For instance, if the usage parameter entered is AFH, only components that have assigned parameter of AFH appear on this side. * Columns located on the right side: Inventory, Parameter, Part Number, Serial No, Installation Acft/Assy TSN (Time Since New), Installation Comp TSN, Overhaul Indicator, Installation Comp TSO (Time Since Overhaul), Current Acft/Assy TSN, Current Component TSN, Current Component TSO, Unit, Inv Class, and Inv Subclass. Note: Select all installed items being updated from the left side (WUC/UNS systems breakdown only). A corresponding highlight appears on the right side. For instance, many installed components are position sensitive within the WUC/UNS systems breakdown of aircraft, engines or assemblies. Selecting from the left side ensures the correct information is entered in the correct position, whereas selecting from the right side within the Configuration tab it is more likely to enter the information into the wrong position. For procedures, see Update Configuration Worksheet (on page 201). Update ALSS Usage Configuration Worksheet The ALSS Configuration Update Worksheet option enables you continuously update the part numbers, serial numbers, usage and properties of an ALSS item and its sub-items during the implementation period or receipt of inventory items not on the OOMA baseline. 1 Open the Inventory Explorer (see "How to Access the Inventory Explorer" on page 193). 2 On the Inventory Explorer window, click the PRIMARY selection group drop-down list. Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem 203 3 Click the sign to expand the PRIMARY selection group and the detachments and inventory folders appear. 4 Double-click the applicable ALSS folder and all the ALSS inventory items appear. 5 Right-click the applicable ALSS inventory item and select ALSS Configuration Update Worksheet. The ALSS Configuration Worksheet window appears with the ALSS Usage Worksheet tab and CDY appears in the Usage Indicators Filter box. 6 To update the part number and serial number of sub-items to an ALSS, select item from the left side of the window, which displays the WUC/UNS system breakdown. A corresponding part number on the tab appears highlighted and displays its part number and serial number. If the inventory item does not have a serial number, XXX appears. a) If the part number is incorrect, click Reference Editor . The Part No. Assignment dialog box appears with a listing of all part numbers associated with the inventory item. b) Select the applicabl...
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