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Authorize icon order and select clear cannibalization

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Unformatted text preview: ria (data fields) blank to retrieve all existing work orders. 3. Enter the appropriate code(s) for selected data fields. 4. Click Retrieve. 5. To retrieve work orders for another aircraft, uninstalled equipment, SE, ALSS, or MME item, click Clear. Enter data in the criteria fields and click Retrieve. 6. To print the aircraft, uninstalled equipment, SE, ALSS, or MME status list, click Print. For procedures, see Print (on page 141). 7. Click Close to return to the Basic Work Order Query window. Note: To query Technical Directive type work orders, type TD in the Type WO field. You can either enter a specific BUNO/Serno or leave it blank to query all in the BUNO/Serno field. For an overview of how to access Active Work Order Query, see Query Work Orders (on page 346). # To query a work order: Right-click the work order and select Update, Material Required, Cannibalize Auth, or Technical Directive. ! The Update option enables you to view the sections of a work order: Repair, No Defect, JS Change, Removed, Installed, and In Process Inspection. For procedures, see Basic Work Order Update (on page 421). ! The Material Required option enables you to view the parts that are ordered against it. For procedures, see Material Required (on page 435). ! The Cannibalize Auth option calls up the cannibalization wizard to perform a cannibalization action. For procedures, see Cannibalization Processing (on page 378). ! The Technical Directive option calls the TD Work Order and the TD data. This selection appears when the selected work order is a TD work order. Note 1: The No Defect option is available only if the work order has not been started yet. For procedures, see No Defect Procedures (on page 421). Note 2: The Cannibalize Auth option is available depending upon your SMQ assignments. Chapter 5 Maintenance Subsystem 421 No Defect Procedures When the discrepancy is determined to be of no defect, the No Defect option is available in the Active Work Order Query window. 1 Right-click the specific MCN, choose Update, and select No Defect. The Basic Work Order Update window appears with various data fields prefilled that are relative to the No Defect documentation. 2 Right-click anywhere on the shaded area, choose Update, and select JS Change to begin completing the work order. 3 Click Yes when the Application prompt box appears asking you to save the changes. 4 Click the Add/Edit Work Hours/In Work Time button from the Work Order Update - Job Status/Worker Hours window. For procedures, see Work Order Update - Job Status/Worker Hours (on page 425). 5 Right-click the specific MCN again, choose Update, and select Repair. 6 Type 'No Defect' in the Corrective Action block, type your login ID as the worker on the Basic Work Order Update, type your password in the Privilege Login response box, and then click OK. 7 Type the signature of the CDI in the Inspector field and type the password in the Privilege Login response box, and then click OK. 8 Respond to the Print prompt accor...
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