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Baseline wuc structure changes on page 199 update alss

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Unformatted text preview: data continuously and then click OK when all entries are done. The Details/Item tab/sub tab displays a Status box in the lower area and contains two check boxes: ! Overhaul Indicator - Select this option to indicate that the component removal count is based on the TSO limit. ! Complete - Select this option to indicate that all subcomponents associated with the components are added and complete. This block is accessible at the Baseline Manager level only. The Inventory dialog box displays the following tabs and sub tabs: Details Describes the full identity of an inventory item as aircraft, assembly, or other tracked part (for example: explosive devices, repairable components). Item A Details sub tab that identifies the inventory item's serial number, WUC/UNS, position, its receipt and installation dates, and serviceable, unserviceable, or expired status. Aircraft Registration A Details sub tab that identifies the MODEX and status of an aircraft. Part A Details sub tab that identifies the part number, nomenclature, class, subclass, CAGE, model name, and revision. Oil Consumption A Details sub tab that identifies an assembly item that requires oil consumption usage data. Explosives A Details sub tab that identifies an inventory item as an explosive device as to its DODIC, location, its manufacturer, installation, and expiration dates. Warranty Identifies the manufacturer and expiration dates and contains a box where you can enter warranty conditions and requirements. Note Lists the descriptions, features, and any other miscellaneous information about the item. Usage Creates a usage parameter for the inventory item. For procedures, see the following topics: ! Create an Inventory Item (on page 210) ! Modify Inventory Properties (on page 213) ! Delete an Inventory Item (on page 214) Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem 199 Run Transfer Report The Run Transfer Report option in the Group Explorer enables you to access the outstanding documents (work orders, flight documents, and logsets) to complete before transferring an inventory item. 1 Open the Inventory Explorer (see "How to Access the Inventory Explorer" on page 193). 2 Click the PRIMARY selection group and click the Inventory tab. 3 On the Inventory tab, right-click the aircraft and select Run Transfer Report. The Item Transfer Report - Outstanding dialog box appears with the work orders as the default outstanding documents. For procedures on completing the documents, see Item Transfer Report - Outstanding (on page 206). Once all the documents are cleared as completed, the aircraft can then be relocated to the OUTBOX for the actual transfer. For procedures on relocating the documents to the OUTBOX, see Transfer Items Online (on page 185). Drag and Drop an Installed Component to support Baseline WUC structure changes The Inventory Explorer enables you to move an installed component from an existing WUC location directly to another WUC location in support of...
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