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Unformatted text preview: ty - Select this option to initiate an unscheduled flight with other activity. In a multi-organizational environment, you can select the organization you want to document the unscheduled flight against. When you select an organization other than your primary organization, you are considered a visitor to that organization. Documenting the flight is similar to when you select Other Activity, except that you do not import your flight history to your organization. The process automatically updates aircrew history upon completion of a valid flight document. ! Simulator - Select this option to initiate a flight document while in simulator training. 3 The Initiate Unscheduled Flight Document option enables you to go directly to the Flight Document - Aircraft tab and quickly begin entering your flight data. 4 To continue, see the applicable topic listed under "In This Section." Initiate an Unscheduled Flight - Normal The Normal option on the Flight Document Initiation dialog box enables you to initiate an unscheduled flight document. # To initiate an unscheduled flight document: 1 In Flight Document Initiation box, select Normal and click OK. The Flight Document - Aircraft tab appears with an assigned document number. 2 Go through each tab and enter all required data in the applicable boxes, from Aircraft to Weapons to complete the flight document. For procedures, see Flight Document - Tabs (on page 99). 3 When you finish entering data on the required tabs, click Save & Print Document or Save to start the validation process and update the aircraft usage. On the Flight Document - Aircraft tab, the Saving Flight Document prompt appears and enables you click on one of the following: Yes - displays the Login Signature dialog box and enables the crewmember belonging to your activity to enter his/her user ID and password. No - inserts the name of the visiting crewmember provided that he/she has a special qualification of A, S, or Z. Note: If all of the aircrew are one-time flyers (visitors), the Saving Flight Document prompt box does not appear, however, the name of the aircrew with a special qualification of A, Z, or S appears on the A/C or Msn CMDR Signature field as the default on the Flight Document - Aircraft tab. 4 To enter the signature, click Yes. Type your user ID and password and click OK. Chapter 3 Flight Subsystem 87 If you are not entering the signature, click No. The aircraft commander's signature defaults to the A/C or Msn CMDR Signature field. Both responses cause the Discrepancy Query prompt to appear. 5 To add an aircraft discrepancy, click Yes. The Unscheduled Maintenance - Flight dialog box appears. For procedures, see Unscheduled Maintenance - Flight (on page 89). If not adding an aircraft discrepancy, click No. 6 At the Print prompt, respond accordingly. The flight document now appears under the Flight Document Approval option of the Approval queue. Initiate an Unscheduled Flight - Other Activity Flight The Other Activity option on...
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