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Unformatted text preview: Reference Guide in Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Messages Types Editor Miscellaneous Log Entry Types Editor Operational Status Editor ORG Editor Reference Units Editor Task Class Editor Task Deferral Editor Task Definition Status Editor Task Originators Editor Task Priority Editor Task Status Editor Task Subclass Editor TD Codes Editor Total Mission Requirement Code Editor Timezone Editor Transfer Status Editor Maintenance Plan Catalog Menu Maintenance Plan Properties Create Maintenance Plan Delete Maintenance Plan Item Search Details Tab CM Reports Menu Inventory Reports ALSS Inventory ASR/SASR Component Removal Due Aircraft Inventory Completed Technical Directives Component Removal Due Engine Configuration Exceptions CAGE/Part Number Installed Explosives Installed Module Configuration Life Limited Components I Life Limited Components II Outstanding Technical Directives 31 32 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Support Equipment Inventory Logistics Reports % Life Remaining (Installed) % Life Remaining (Uninstalled) Aircrew Equipment Engine Spare Parts List Installed Modules Life Usage Exceedance Uninstalled Parts Tasking Reports Daily Aircraft Time MESM PMIC Phase Inspection Special/Conditional Inspection Technical Directive Summary Uninitiated Tasks XRAY Explorer Menu Create XRAY Update XRAY Delete XRAY Create Change of Location XRAY Update Change of Location XRAY Delete Change of Location XRAY Maintenance Subsystem Menu Tools Search Table Maintenance Recurring IMC Recurring Work Center JCN Serial Number Inspection Work Center ALS Configuration Online Processing Project/Priority Queue Chapter 2 Quick Reference Guide in Optimized NALCOMIS OMA CDI/QAR Queue Work Request Queue Maintenance Control Queue ALS Queue Print Work Order Mass Job Status Update Work Order Initiation Recurring IMC Recurring Unscheduled Inspections/Removals Aircraft Inspections Component Removals TD Initiation Fix Phase One Time Inspection Duplicate Contingency Processing Higher Authority Cannibalization Update Remarks Queries Active Work Order Historical Work Order Reports Aircraft Daily Status Work Center Workload Aircraft/Equipment Workload Aircraft Material Status Inspections by Assy Cd Scheduled Inspections Work Order Audit Trail MAINT Automated Aircraft Discrepancy Book Oil Consumption SCIR Impacted Inspections 33 34 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Material Control Menu Material Update DDSN Assignment Requisition Status Material Control Register Requisitions Not Transmitted Material Requirement Turn-In IMA DDSN/BUNO Swap Table Maintenance OMA/IMA Interface Management DDSN Range Update Project Code IMA Queries Full Work Order Component Status Cross Reference Data ICRL JCN Requisition RFI Repairable STK Status IOU Status Summary Rpbl STK Status X-Ref Data - Supply PEB Inventory OMA Queries/Report Material Control Register Historical Requisition Print Print Work Order OMA/IOU Turn-In Notice Platform Software Interface Menu FA-18 E/F AME Menu IMD HUMS Chapter 2 Quick Reference Guide in O...
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