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Unformatted text preview: of the appropriate aircraft or assembly. The Part Number of the selected aircraft or assembly appears in the Part No box of the Inventory [NEW] dialog box and contains the following tabs: Details, Usage, Warranty, and Note. 6 Click each tab to add pertinent data for the aircraft or assembly. a) On the Details tab, other sub tabs appear (Part, Item, Aircraft Registration or Oil Consumption for aircraft or assembly, respectively). For Aircraft, click Aircraft Registration to open Inventory [NEW] dialog box that contains the following data boxes: MODEX, Basic Weight, and Status. Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem 211 For Assembly, click Oil Consumption to open the Inventory [NEW] dialog box that contains the following data boxes: Oil Consumption Indicator, Max Oil Consumption, and Multiplier (defaults to 1). For Item of either aircraft or assembly, enter the serial no., contract No. (if available), and the acceptance date in the Installed box, if other than the current date. b) On the Usage tab, select the appropriate parameter and enter the required data. c) On the Warranty tab, enter the date as required. d) On the Note tab, enter the appropriate description. 7 Click OK. 8 Click Yes at the following prompt: Would you like to create all of the sub items for this piece of inventory? 9 Click OK at the following prompt: This entire process may take a while, if the structure selected is complex. This process enables the system to create an aircraft or assembly with its associated sub-items. Note 1: When you create an aircraft, an XRAY report prompt appears to ensure you that the receipt action is reported. Note 2: Once the inventory item is created, the Task Properties (special inspections based on days) on the Task tab should be verified that their deadline time reads 23:59:59. 212 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Create a Component as an Inventory Item It is necessary to create a component as an inventory item when the component exists in the baseline, but not in the database because it is either removed or not configured as an installed item on an aircraft or assembly. Note 1: Do not use the Create Component option to accomplish this process because it will not install the component to the hierarchical breakdown slot; instead selecting the option will install the component at the end of the PRIMARY group listing. Note 2: When the Inventory [NEW] dialog box appears with a blank Part Number field, it indicates that the baseline for the component has not been established by the BLM. You should first contact the BLM to add the component to the baseline. To contact the BLM, click Help on the main menu and select Technical Support. Expand the topics and click Points of Contact. 1 Expand the aircraft or assembly WUC/UNS structure and select the appropriate WUC/UNS slot identified by a HAS PART NUM icon . 2 Right-click the WUC/UNS and select Create Inventory or go to the Edit menu and select Create Inventory, or click the Crea...
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