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Unformatted text preview: ogram Manager – Air A person, who is responsible in assisting baseline manager, determines the scope of the baseline for an individual platform. PMC Partially Mission Capable A material condition of an aircraft that impairs its ability to perform only a few of assigned missions. Primary Mission Area QAR Quality Assurance Representative Personnel assigned to the Quality Assurance work center responsible for quality assurance functions. S SA System Administrator PMCS Partial Mission Capable Supply A material condition of an aircraft that impairs its ability to perform only a few of assigned missions due to supply shortage. PMIC Periodic Maintenance Information Card One of the planned maintenance system publications contains the removal data of all Life Limited components on a specific aircraft. PMRM Periodic Maintenance Requirement Manual PMS Planned Maintenance System Consists of checklist publications providing the basis for planning, scheduling, and complying of scheduled maintenance on aircraft and equipment. The individual who is responsible for keeping up the system applications and network at all times. SAFE Structural Appraisal of Fatigue Effects A program set forth by Naval Air System Command (NAVAIR) that uses the flight and ground loads to determine dynamic components retirement time, service usage, and device trends. SALTS Streamlined Alternative Logistics Transmission System SCIR Subsystem Capability Impact Reporting A reporting process used to document maintenance actions that impair the ability of an aircraft to carry out its assigned missions. OMA Glossary 543 SCT SOD Special Crew Time Amount of time in hours and tenths spent by an aircrew in a capacity other than first pilot or co-pilot during a flight. Same ORG Detachment A detachment, which is a dependent segment of a parent organization deployed to a remote site. SDLM SPAWARSYSCEN Standard Depot Level Maintenance Comprehensive D-level maintenance that focuses on inspection of selected aircraft structure, materials, correction of critical defects, and incorporation of technical directives. Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center The Central Design Activity (CDA) for the Navy's management information systems (MIS) is responsible for maintaining system and subsystem specifications, generating of source and object programs, and performing QA testing of programs prior to fleet release. SDO Squadron Duty Officer A watch stander, who is responsible for monitoring the flight activity of the squadron during flight evolutions. SE SPAWARSYSCOM Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Command SRC Support Equipment An inventory subclass assigned to support equipment that provides usage and installation of subassemblies. Scheduled Removal Component A form used to record the maintenance and historical data of a life limited component and ensure its timely removal when it reaches its maximum operational limits. SERNO SSN Serial Number A number that identifies specific end item or component assigned...
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