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Unformatted text preview: ulletin (AWB) Chapter 2 Quick Reference Guide in Optimized NALCOMIS OMA 77 Target Control System Change (TCC) 78 Target Control System Bulletin (TCB) 79 Meteorological Equipment Bulletin (MEB) 83 Ship Installed and Expeditionary Airfield Launch, Recovery and Visual Landing Aid Equipment Change (LRC) 84 Ship Installed and Expeditionary Airfield Launch, Recovery and Visual Landing Aid Equipment Bulletin (LRB) 87 Mission Software Change (MSC) 88 Mission Software Bulletin (MSB) 91 Naval Air Maintenance Trainer Change (NTC) 92 Naval Air Maintenance Trainer Bulletin (NTB) 93 Airborne Software Change (ASC) 94 Airborne Software Bulletin (ASB) 95 Support Software Change (SSC) 96 Support Software Bulletin (SSB) 97 Naval Air Maintenance Trainer Support Software Change (TSC) 98 Naval Air Maintenance Trainer Support Software Bulletin (TSB) 99 Age Exploration Bulletin (AEB) Class: INST – Installation task class applies to ASSY and TRK inventory classes. (Could eventually be used to build installation tasks only.) Class: REPL – Replacement task provides for removal and replacement of consumable items; however, history is saved against the position not the item. Class: SRVC – Servicing task applies to all inventory classes for maintenance actions (servicing subclass). Note: INST, REPL, and SRVC classes will be utilized more in future designs. 43 44 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Users of Optimized NALCOMIS OMA The following table lists typical users of NALCOMIS OMA and the extent of their responsibilities. Users SMQ Assignments Typical Responsibilities Aircrew CREW, ACSO, CMDSO Flight crew history, Acceptance of aircraft safe for flight, Signing of the flight document as the aircraft commander. Aviation Storekeeper AK, INV Supply tables, supply requisitions, DDSN project/priority update, item transfer and relocate to. Analyst ANLST, ADHOC INV, Assembly manager; Ad Hoc, crew approval; reinduct work orders, add, update, and approve flight documents; history flight document corrections; and CM reports. CDI MNCDI, MAINT, ADHOC Access to "E" and "G" records, QAR in-process; CDI signoff; failed/index material; cannibalization; initiate fix phase and contingency work orders; initiate, update, complete, and print work orders; required material; worker hours; supply requisitions; and Ad Hoc. Commanding Officer COSIG Commanding Officer's signature relative to the approval of Flight Scheduler. Detachment Person MPC, MAINT, INV, PCS, CREW, OPS LR Update aircrew status, create and delete inventory items, delete work requests, access task/task plan, relocate to, mass job status update, Maintenance Control work order approval, maintenance reports, reinduct work orders, duplicate work orders, Assembly Explorer and manager, flight crew history, DODIC Catalog, Group Explorer, & item transfer. Log Book Signers LAUTH, LRIMA Item transfer, assembly manager, usage record tab, update explosive devices, authorize aircraft reporting, access DODIC Catalog...
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