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Unformatted text preview: m from the database. Edit>Inventory Properties View or modify inventory attributes. Tab Toolbar Button \ Right-click Option Enables user to Create Task Apply applicable task to an inventory item. Task Properties View or modify the applicable task on an inventory item. Next Task Status Change the next task status from Pending to Active, etc. Suspend Task Place a task performance into a halt mode. Cancel Task Remove the applicable task on an inventory item. Deconfigure Task Enable a similar inventory item to comply with the same TD requirement. Create Task Plan Step Add Phase Maintenance Requirements. Task Plan Properties View or modify the Phase Maintenance Requirements. 196 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Toolbar Button/Menu Option Enables user to Cancel Task Plan Remove the applicable task on a Phase Maintenance Requirement. Activate Suspended Task Plan Activate the task that is on a halt mode. Suspend Task Plan Step Place a task performance for Phase Maintenance Requirement into a halt mode. Complete Task Plan Step Complete the task on a Phase Maintenance Requirement. Create Usage Record Add initial usage expended against an inventory item. Usage Record Properties Delete Usage Record View or modify usage expended against an inventory item. Removes usage expended against an inventory item. Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem 197 Inventory Explorer - Procedures The Inventory Explorer enables you to perform tasks that are available from the Edit, Tools, Actions, and Utilities menu, or from a shortcut menu that appears when you right-click on the activity's inventory in the tree view. To expand or collapse the tree view, click the applicable plus minus box. or For procedures on these tasks, see the following topics: ! Update Configuration Worksheet (on page 201) ! Relocate Aircraft or Component (on page 204) ! Create a Component (on page 209) ! Create an Inventory Item (on page 210) ! Delete an Inventory Item (on page 214) ! Modify Inventory Properties (on page 213) ! Send Data to ButtonLaser (on page 132) ! Find an Item (on page 144) ! Update Usage Parms from Baseline (see "Inventory Explorer Update Usage Parms from Baseline" on page 214) ! Evaluate Item Completeness (on page 215) ! Duplicate Aviators Personal Equipment (see "Duplicate ALSS Inventory Structure" on page 215) ! Search for an Item (on page 143) ! CGPN Exceptions (on page 130) ! Refresh a Window (on page 216) ! Add New/Update Tasks from Baseline (on page 138) ! How to Access the Logset Explorer (on page 231) ! Drag and Drop an Installed Component to support Baseline WUC structure changes (on page 199) ! Update ALSS Usage Configuration Worksheet (on page 202) 198 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Inventory This Inventory dialog box enables you to enter the required data regarding the inventory item being created or modified. The box contains various command buttons: OK, Cancel, Apply, Help, tabs, and sub tabs. Click Apply when entering...
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