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Unformatted text preview: . If there are multiple values that exist for the selected entity, a list appears at the bottom of the box. 5 Select the appropriate value. If the Dual check box was selected, then two items may be selected from the list. 6 To use criteria for selecting, click Filter (on page 140). 7 To point to the item in a list, click . The Assy Cd entity opens the Assembly Catalog. The Database Name opens the Wan Explorer. The SERNO opens the Inventory Explorer. The WUC/UNS opens the Assembly Explorer. 8 To discontinue the search, click Stop. 9 Click Close to return to the previous window. 144 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Item Search This dialog box enables you to search a specific inventory item that exists in the database using the major search criteria such as Assembly Code, SERNO, or WUC/UNS. When you enter data in the Value field and click the Search button, the system locates that item. For procedures, see the applicable topic listed under Search for an Item (on page 143). Search Utility The Search Utility dialog box appears once a selection is made from the Entity drop-down list while in the Item Search dialog box. The Search Utility dialog box contains the Entity box, Value box, Dual Selection check box, and six command buttons. The Dual Selection check box appears when you select Serno in the Entity box and enables you to enter two serial numbers to be used as the selection criteria for the search. For procedures, see Search for an Item (on page 143). Find an Item The Find option is available in the Group, Assembly, and Inventory Explorers and in the Assembly Catalog. It enables you to search for a specific inventory item that exists in the database of these explorers and catalog based on selection criteria. 1 Open the specific explorer or catalog (see "Open an Explorer or Catalog in Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem" on page 128). 2 Right-click in the tree view and select Find when in any explorer except Group Explorer. In the Group Explorer, right-click an inventory item from the Inventory tab. 3 The Find dialog box appears with the following fields blank: Containing Text and Search Type. 4 Enter or select the Search Type from the list. 5 Enter data in the Containing Text field. Use the wildcard feature as shown. Prefix adds the percentage sign (%) before the text entered as the value; Append adds the closing percentage sign (%). 6 Click Find. 7 On the Results tab, click the item and click Go To. 8 To search for another item, repeat steps 3 to 5. 9 Click New Search to clear the previous entries and set up new search criteria. 10 Click Close to return to the respective explorer or catalog window. Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem 145 Find This dialog box appears when you select the Find option from the menu in any explorers and catalogs. It enables you to locate an inventory item that exists in the database based on the Search Type selected. It contains various command buttons to...
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