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Flight schedule add signature of submitting officer

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Unformatted text preview: A Task Code Task Description Enables User to SUPREQ Supply Requisition Access the Material Update functions from the Material Selection menu. SYSTAB System Tables View and update the Work Centers and JCN SERNO. UNMAINT Unscheduled Maintenance Display Unscheduled Maintenance windows and initiate WOs. USERMAN OMA User Management Add, update, or remove individuals on the database. WANRL Remote Logon Allow remote logon to a server. WANUD WAN Explorer Allow changes to local address book and server information page. WCJCNASN W/C JCN Assignment Capability Assign job control numbers to work orders. WOAPP WO Approval Approve WO through Prehistory. WOCOM WO Completion Not functional at this time. WODEL WO Delete Process Delete a WO from WO Update. WODUP WO Duplication Display the WO Duplicate window and initiate WOs. WOMAQ Multiple Active WO Query Display the Multiple Active WO Query window and select a WO for Detail (WO Update), or display the Aircraft Status Query. WOMHQ Multiple Historical WO Query Display the Historical WO Query and view the WO in detail. WOUP Basic WO Update Display the WO Update window. What a user may change once there is determined by the task codes related to the individual tabs. WRDEL Work Request WO Deletion Delete work requests. Chapter 2 Quick Reference Guide in Optimized NALCOMIS OMA 53 SMQ List The SMQ List contains the standard (permanent) and local SMQs and their descriptions that exist in the database. Standard (permanent) SMQs are those used to set up the Recommended SMQ list, which is determined that each activity requires. Local SMQs are those added by each activity for its own purposes, which the user can modify or delete. SMQ is a special code that is assigned to a user and linked to a single or multiple task code. When an SMQ is added to a task code in the Task SMQ table, it enables a user to perform the selected task. For a listing of the standard SMQs, see the following information. SMQ Code Description ACSO Intent to Fly Signature ADBC ADB Contingency Authorization ADHOC Initiate Adhoc Queries AK Material Control Functions ALSS ALSS Duplication ANLST Data Analyst AZMNT AZ Maintenance CM Configuration Management CMDSO Aircraft Commander's Signature COSIG Signature of Commanding Officer CREW Flight Crew DBADM Database Administrator DRMGR Discrepancy Reporting Mgr EVCNX* Outdated Event Cancellation EXTFL* Extract Flight Document FLDEL* FLLEG* Flight Leg Modification FLTPR Flight Personnel FLTQY Flight Queries INV Inventory Management LAUTH L Authorization LEGAL Legal LR Logs and Records LRIMA Auto Logset Delete MAINT Maintenance 54 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA SMQ Code Description MMCO Maintenance/Material Control Officer MNCDI Maintenance Collateral Duty Inspector MNQAR Quality Assurance Rep Signoff MNSUP Maintenance Supervisor MNTSO Maintenance Officer Signature MPC Maintenance/Production Control OPS Operations OPSIG Signature of Operations Officer ORG Org Code Switch PCS Plane Captain Signature SCHED* Flight Schedu...
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