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Unformatted text preview: o the current job status (M3) and click Add/Edit Worker/InWork Time. The Worker Hours data window appears with the MCN and work center personnel listing. 7 Select the maintenance personnel and click Add. 8 On the Worker Hours block where the name appears, enter the toolbox number, dates, and times, and the CDI signature. When you click the CDI field, the Privilege Login response box appears. 9 Type your Login ID and Password and click OK. 10 Click Apply and then click OK. 11 Click Next. The Work Order Update - Removed data window appears with the CAGE, Part Number, Serial Number, and Date fields pre-filled. 12 Review the entries. If in error, modify them. The Serial Number cannot be XXX. Enter the actual serial number of the component being removed. 13 Click the CDI Signature field. 14 Click OK on the API Remove response box stating that a removed record has been saved. 15 Respond to the Turn-In Work Order response box accordingly. 16 Click Yes to open the Turn-In Work Order Discrepancy. 17 Modify the discrepancy -orClick No, if not required. 18 Type the CDI signature. 19 On the Privilege Login response box, type your Login ID and Password, and then click OK. 20 Click OK when the API Remove prompts you that the removed record has been saved. 21 Click OK. Complete the wizard by following procedures described in Steps 1 through 4. ! Step 1 - MCN/Data Validation (on page 387) ! Step 2 - Source Aircraft Part/Position Selection (on page 387) ! Step 3 - Removal/Install Signatures and Serno Entry (on page 387) ! Step 4 - Cannibalization Work Order Fill In (on page 387) Chapter 5 Maintenance Subsystem 387 Step 1 - MCN/Data Validation This window appears with information on the component being removed and installed on another aircraft related to the WUC. It also shows the repair and turn-in MCNs. The window contains two tabs: Select Repairables and Select Consumables. 1 Verify the entries. 2 Click Next. The Source Aircraft Part/Position Selection dialog box appears. 3 Go to Step 2 (see "Step 2 - Source Aircraft Part/Position Selection" on page 387). For procedures, see Cannibalization Wizard - Urgent with Requisition Being Ordered. (see "Cannibalization Wizard - Urgent with Requisition being Ordered" on page 385) Step 2 - Source Aircraft Part/Position Selection This data window displays the WUC/UNS breakdown beginning from the system down to the actual WUC/UNS of the work order. 1 Verify the WUC/UNS and position, highlight it, and then click Next. The Removal/Install Signatures and Serno Entry dialog box appears. 2 Go to Step 3 (see "Step 3 - Removal/Install Signatures and Serno Entry" on page 391). Step 3 - Removal/Install Signatures and Serno Entry This data window appears with the part number of the component being removed from the source aircraft to be installed on the target aircraft. Both transactions require CDI signatures. 1 Type the CDI signature in the removal field from source. 2 On the Privilege Login, type your Login ID...
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