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Unformatted text preview: ptimized NALCOMIS OMA Download Debrief Report RTB V-22 Debrief Download Summary Life Usage Program Loader Trend Explorer H-1 JSF Transfer Manager F14 DAS Personnel Subsystem Menu Personnel Information Personnel Query Maintain a User Account Maintain Personnel Organization Code Assignments Maintain Personnel SMQ Assigments Maintain Aircrew History Table Maintenance SMQ Table Task – SMQ Assignment Report Personnel Access Report Technical Publications Menu This subsystem is for future development. NALCOMIS OMA Menu Bar The NALCOMIS OMA main window contains the following menu selections and options: File Open 35 36 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Ad Hoc Query Flight Configuration Management Maintenance Material Control Platform Software Interface Personnel Technical Publications Page Setup Print Screen Exit Help Getting Help User's Guide Help Topics F1 Window Help Ctrl+F1 Field Help Shift+F1 References Application Terms Data Element Dictionary Database Specification Technical Support Release Notes About NALCOMIS OMA Work Order Types Work order type identifies the type of work order. Value Definition AC Acceptance Inspection Control Work Order AD Assist Maintenance Action AF Acceptance Inspection Fix Phase Work Order AL Acceptance Inspection Look Phase Work Order AT Assist Technical Directive Maintenance Action AX Single W/C Acceptance Inspection Work Order BC Depreservation Control Work Order Chapter 2 Quick Reference Guide in Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Value Definition BF Depreservation Fix Phase Work Order BX Single W/C Depreservation Work Order CC Conditional Inspection Control Work Order CF Conditional Inspection Fix Phase Work Order CL Conditional Inspection Look Phase Work Order CM Cannibalization Maintenance Action CP Corrosion Prevention Work Order CT Corrosion Treatment Work Order CX Single W/C Conditional Inspection Work Order DF Daily/Pre/Post Flight/Turnaround Discrepancy DM Discrepancy Maintenance Action DT Daily/Turnaround Discrepancy Work Order ET Engine Technical Directive SCIR Work Order FC Preservation Control Work Order FF Preservation Fix Phase Work Order FO Facilitate Other Maintenance FX Single W/C Preservation Work Order HA Hosting Activity Maintenance Documentation IA Intra Activity Support Work Order IC IMC Control Work Order IF IMC Fix Phase Work Order IL Inspection Look Phase MC SDLM Control Work Order MF SDLM Fix Phase Work Order ML SDLM Look Phase Work Order MX SDLM Fix Phase Work Order OC One Time Inspection Control Work Order OF One Time Inspection Fix Phase Work Order OL One Time Inspection Look Phase Work Order OM Other Type Maintenance Actions OX Single W/C One Time Inspection Work Order PC Phase Control Work Order PF Phase Fix Phase Work Order PL Phase Look Phase Work Order 37 38 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Value Definition PX Single W/C Phase/PM Inspection Work Order QT TD Removal SC Special Inspection Control Work Order SD Depreservation W/C Action Work Order SF Special Inspection Fix Phase Work Order SL Special In...
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