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Inventory tab enables you to view the transfer

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Unformatted text preview: the item. 4 Click Close to return to the previous window. Transfer History This dialog box displays the transfer history of an inventory item. For procedures, see View Transfer History (on page 191). For other utilities and functions available on this tab, see Common Utilities and Functions in Explorers and Catalogs (on page 129). 192 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Detachment Queue - Outstanding This queue enables you to view outstanding documents (maintenance, flight, and logsets) that require completion before a newly created detachment can be saved to a file during the deploying process. For procedures in completing the documents, see the following topics: ! Active Work Order Query (on page 419) ! Flight Document Approval (on page 110) ! Logset Retrieval - Procedures (on page 230) Note 1: If the work order's status indicator is 1, 3, or 4, the process stops. Status Indicators: 1 - Awaiting JCN, either to be rejected or approved 2 - Change job status of IW to AWM. CDI must sign the toolbox field. 3 - Awaiting CDI/QAR signature. 4 - Awaiting to be sent to history. Note 2: All inspection work orders must be signed-off. Note 3: All work orders and requisitions (active or historical) go to the detachment. Note 4: All work orders for the DOD will be automatically closed out by the process and new ones re-initiated upon arrival at a new server. The new work orders will have a new organizational code and await JCN assignment. Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem 193 Inventory Explorer The Inventory Explorer lists the organization's assets in a hierarchical breakdown based on the WUC/UNS structure. These assets include aircraft, SE, ALSS, MME, and components. It enables you to view, create, or delete inventory, move inventory and update the configuration, usage, and scheduled maintenance tasks. Usage values in the Configuration Management Subsystem displays 3 digits to the right of the decimal when the usage requires it (3456.917). In some cases where the usage value is only in tenths, the usage displays in either tenths (3456.9) or 3 digits (3456.900). It also provides access to the Logset Explorer (on page 231). Note 1: In a multi-organizational environment, you can select and perform tasks for any ORG from the ORG list provided that you have been added to that ORG and have the specific SMQs to perform those tasks. Otherwise, the ORG field will display only your organization code and you will be able to perform tasks for only your ORG. Note 2: If the aircraft received from another activity as a change in custody is selected, a Messenger Service prompt box appears informing you that an XRAY report is required. The XRAY Explorer window appears when you click OK while on the Messenger Service box and enables you to create the required XRAY report. How to Access the Inventory Explorer There are two ways to access the Inventory Explorer: 1 On the NALCOMIS OMA window, click Configuration Management and Logs & Records . -or...
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