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Unformatted text preview: ed tabs. For procedures, see following topics: ! Work Order Update - Basic Work Order (on page 471) ! Work Order Update - Job Status/Worker Hours/TD (on page 472) ! Work Order Update - Failed/Required (on page 473) ! Work Order Update - Removed/Installed (on page 474) ! Work Order Update - CDI/QAR In Process Inspection (see "Work Order Update - CDI/QAR In Process Inspections" on page 433) 10 Once you have completed the required work order tabs, enter the rate/rank, last name of worker in the Corrected By box, inspector in the Inspected By box, and maintenance control manager in the Maintenance Control box, and then click Save. 11 Respond to the Print prompt accordingly. 12 Click Close to return to the appropriate VED. For more information, see the following topics: ! Work Order - Tabs (on page 475) ! Save a Work Order (on page 475) Initiate a Higher Authority Cannibalization The Higher Authority Cannibalization option enables you to remove a repairable or consumable part(s) from your aircraft as dictated by higher authority to support the mission of another organization's aircraft. 1 Open the Aircraft VED (see "Open a VED" on page 342). 2 Right-click the aircraft icon, Modex, or BUNO entry, choose Initiate, and select Higher Authority Cannib. The Authorizing Cannibalization response box appears prompting you whether or not to continue with the process. 3 Click Yes. Chapter 5 Maintenance Subsystem 471 The Cannibalization Wizard prompts you whether to continue or not with the wizard. 4 Click Yes. The Cannibalization MCN Selection dialog box appears. 5 To continue the cannibalization procedures, see Cannibalization Wizard - Directed by Higher Authority (on page 382). Work Order Update - Basic Work Order The Work Order Update - Basic Work Order window is used for contingency or online processing. It is the default tab that enables you to document (backfit) work orders from initiation to completion, or to complete outstanding work orders that were initiated during a contingency situation or when performing online processing. It also enables qualified personnel such as the CDI/QAR, Maintenance Control Managers, and Logset Clerks to sign-off, reinduct, check validation, reject, or delete a work order as it goes through the CDI/QAR, Maintenance Control, and Logset clerk processing. The window contains different work order tabs (Job Status/Worker Hours/TD, Failed/Required, Removed/Installed, Basic Work Order, CDI/QAR In-Process Inspection) to complete the work order. For more information, see the following topics: ! Contingency Processing (on page 469) ! Online Processing (on page 482) ! Work Order - Tabs (on page 475) Contingency Work Order The Contingency Work Order window enables you to enter the required data to begin the initiation process. 1 Enter the type work order from the list. 2 Enter the JCN and the BUNO/Serno for aircraft, go to the Actions menu and select Initiate WO or click the Initiate WO button . 3 Enter the work center...
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