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Life support system item of equipment and clothing

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Unformatted text preview: nction within the parameters of flight environment, safely egress from disabled aircraft, survive on land and water, and to interfere with rescue forces. Aircraft Service Period Adjustment A subject of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) that provides for inspections that determines if a 12 month (or equivalent flight hour) adjustment can be added to Period End Date (PED) of an individual airframe. AMCM Airborne Mine Counter Measure Specific equipment described as a portion of the M series type equipment code maintained by AMCM systems maintenance department. AMR Aircraft Master Record Contains the actual and current status of all aircraft engines and their configuration under the cognizance of a reporting custodian. AMU Aircraft Memory Unit A medium used by Smart aircraft to store usage data. API Application Program Interface Specified software function that provides accomplishment of a task relative to other functions. APU Auxiliary Power Unit A piece of support equipment that provides power to an aircraft during flight or while on the ground. ASD Aviation Support Division A contact point within the Intermediate Maintenance Activity that provides supply support to an organization maintenance activity (OMA) while performing its maintenance and operational activities. ASR Assembly Service Record A record used to document the maintenance and history of an aircraft assembly or component. Assy Cd Assembly Code Another name used to denote Type Equipment Code (TEC) of an inventory item. AV3M Aviation Maintenance and Material Management A portion of NALCOMIS OMA Legacy system that provides the maintenance data system (MDS) to mechanically collect and process the statistical data essential to the efficient management of resources. AWA Awaiting Assignment A work order status that means that it is waiting for Job Control Number (JCN) assignment by Maintenance Control. AWM Awaiting Maintenance A work order status that means that it is waiting for maintenance for a specific reason. AWP Awaiting Parts A work order status that means that it is waiting for replacement part from supply. OMA Glossary 535 B CF REQ BLM Check Flight Required An indicator that dictates whether a check flight is required upon completion of maintenance performed on an aircraft based on its specification and appropriate Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization (NATOPS). Baseline Manager A person, who is responsible for keeping and updating the baseline requirements and for changes to an individual aircraft platform. BOM Bill of Material An inventory class assigned to a new or used component without inventory class. BUNO Bureau Number A permanent six (6) numeric value assigned to an aircraft during its acceptance to the navy inventory. C CAGE Commercial and Government Entity A five (5) positions code assigned to manufacturers and non-manufacturer organizational entities and contractors of items procured by agencies of the federal government. CDI Collateral Duty Inspector Personnel as...
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