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Maintenance on page 447 or aircraft ved on page 347

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Unformatted text preview: aircraft information. 3 You will go through the tabs to enter required data in the applicable boxes to complete the flight document. For procedures, see Flight Document - Tabs (on page 99). 4 When you finish completing the required data on each tab, click Save & Print Document or Save to commence the validation process and update the usage parameters for the aircraft. The Saving Flight Document prompt appears asking you to enter the A/C (aircraft) or the MSN CMDR (mission commander) signature. 5 To enter the signature, click Yes. Type your user ID and password and click OK. If you are not entering the signature, click No. Both responses cause the Discrepancy Query prompt to appear. 6 If you are adding an aircraft discrepancy, click Yes. The Unscheduled Maintenance - Flight dialog box appears. For procedures, see Unscheduled Maintenance - Flight (on page 89). If you are not adding an aircraft discrepancy, click No. 7 At the Print prompt, respond accordingly. The flight document now appears under the Flight Document Approval option of the Approval queue. Chapter 3 Flight Subsystem 91 Modify a Current Flight Document A current flight document is one that has not been completely processed by the analyst. This process enables you to gain access to current flight documents by entering data from selection windows. # To modify data for aircraft, crewmembers, flight leg, missions, landing, approach, training codes, training area, delivery, and miscellaneous: 1 Open Flight Document (see "How to Access the Flight Subsystem" on page 60). 2 Click OK on the Scheduled Flight Selection window. 3 On the Flight Document window, click the applicable down arrow on the icon and select an option. -orGo to the Actions menu, choose Modify, then Current Flight, and select an option. You can arrange the list of flight documents by using the Sort button. For procedures, see the following topics: ! Select a Current Document by Specific Modex/Name (on page 92) ! Select a Cancelled Current Flight Document (on page 92) ! Select Any Current Flight Document (on page 92) ! Select a Current Away/Simulator Flight Document (on page 93) ! Select a Current Flight Document - Enter Document Number (on page 93) ! Select a Current ADB Flight Document (on page 93) For procedures in updating or deleting data on a current flight document, see Flight Document - Tabs (on page 99). Note: If the Aircraft Modex is being modified, exercise extreme caution due to the changes that occur during the swapping process. The task bar displays the actions that take place. Once the changes are completed, follow the rest of the steps. 4 When you have finished modifying the flight document, click Save & Print Document or Save to accept the changes. The Save & Print Save option prompts you to print a facsimile of the flight document; however, the Save option does not. 5 Selecting either Save & Print or Save displays a prompt asking whether or not you want to add the A/C or MSN CMDR si...
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