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Mission capable material condition of an aircraft

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Unformatted text preview: ns that is necessary to ensure the effective and economical support of a system's life cycle. It is also an integral part of acquisition and operation. FPT First Pilot Time Amount of time in hours and tenths spent by an aircrew exercising the primary active control of the safe operation of the aircraft during a flight. G GUN Guns An inventory subclass assigned to guns, which provides usage while installed on an aircraft. I ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization A four (4) positions alphanumeric code that identifies an aviation site from which an aircraft can use as place of departure and arrival. IMA Intermediate Maintenance Activity An aviation activity authorized to provide Ilevel maintenance support to operational organizational activity. It consists of aircraft department, supply, and weapons departments. IMC Integrated Maintenance Concept Provides the highest degree of aircraft availability and readiness at the lowest overall life cycle cost. IMR Individual Master Record A report that reflects the aircrew assignment, status, and qualification dates relative to flight requirements. ICAPS ITP Increased Capabilities System An automated management information system (MIS) used to track explosive devices and cartridges that are installed on an aircraft and personnel aviator's equipment. Item Transfer Process A process used in Configuration Management Subsystem that transfers an inventory item either connected or disconnected. ICRL Individual Component Repair List Contains a listing of all repairable components that can be maintained at each specific Intermediate Maintenance Activity (IMA). IDE Integrated Data Environment IETM Interactive Electronic Technical Manual The electronic technical manuals that is applicable to specific type aircraft. IW In Work A work order status used when a maintenance personnel is assigned to perform or fix the discrepancy. J JCN Job Control Number A nine (9) or ten (10) position alphanumeric code consisting of the following: Positions 1-3 = Organization Code, positions 4-6 = Julian date, positions 7-9 = serial number, and position 10 = suffix, alpha or numeric (IMA use only) is assigned to each work order when approved by maintenance control. OMA Glossary 539 L MCN LCF Maintenance Control Number A system generated control number assigned to each work order during its initiation process. Low Cycle Fatigue The lowest point an engine component can withstand operational stress. MCRS LLC Material Condition Reporting Status Indicates whether an aircraft is IN or OUT of material reporting status. Life Limited Components Components required to be removed from an end item when they reached their operational limits. MDPS Maintenance Data Processing System LUI MDS Life Usage Indices Maintenance Data System An integral portion of the aviation 3M systems designed for collection, processing, and efficient management of resources. M MAF Maintenance Action Form A source document used in NALCOMIS OMA legacy system when performing a...
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