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Mission information on a flight document land

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Unformatted text preview: d>Weapons>Delive ry Code Opens fields to add Delivery code information on a flight document. Misc Actions>Add>Flight Hours>Landing Code Opens fields to add miscellaneous code information on a flight document. Approve All Actions>Approve All Approves all aircrew or flight documents. Reset Actions>Reset Cancels the approval of aircrew or flight document. Scheduled Flight Selection for This User This window appears when you access the Flight Subsystem and you are included in any past or current flight event that may or may not be a preflight document. A pre-flight document is automatically created when you sign the A-Sheet form (AIA) and will be indicated with a Status Code 0. Overdue flight events displayed in red require action to either complete or cancel the flight document. ! To begin initiating your scheduled flight document, double-click an event, or click an event and click OK. ! You can also click Cancel to clear the selection box and open up the Flight Document window. ! To continue, see Flight Document - Aircraft (on page 100). Chapter 3 Flight Subsystem 85 Scheduled Flight Selection The Scheduled Flight Selection dialog box enables you to select a flight event to initiate from the list of flight events that were scheduled but not yet initiated. When you initiate a flight from this dialog box, you are processing a scheduled flight document that has been partially filled during the scheduling process but is still incomplete due to missing data in required fields. Event Numbers and Departure Dates that appear in red indicate that these are overdue events. 1 To open the detailed Flight Document - Aircraft tab and the other flight document tabs, double-click the flight event, or click the event and click OK. You can also click Cancel to clear the Flight Document - Aircraft tab. 2 On the Flight Document - Aircraft tab, enter the required data. 3 Click the next tab, Flight Document - Aircrew to continue. Initiate a Flight Document The Initiate a Flight Document option on the Flight Document window enables you to initiate an unscheduled or scheduled flight. 1 Open the Flight Subsystem (see "How to Access the Flight Subsystem" on page 60). ! If you are a type A personnel, the Flight Document window appears. ! If you are a type B or M personnel, the Scheduler window appears. 2 To display the Flight Document window, click Flight Document on the menu. 3 To continue, see the following topics: ! Initiate an Unscheduled Flight Document (on page 85) ! Initiate a Scheduled Flight Document (on page 90) Initiate an Unscheduled Flight Document For an overview of this task, see Initiate a Flight Document (on page 85). 1 On the Flight Document window, click the Flight Document Initiation button button or the Initiate Unscheduled Flight Document . 2 The Flight Document Initiation dialog box appears with three options: ! Normal - Select this option to initiate an unscheduled flight. 86 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA ! Other Activi...
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