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Unformatted text preview: BOX means that the item will be transferred out of your organization at a future time. 1 Open the Inventory Explorer (see "How to Access the Inventory Explorer" on page 193). 2 Right-click the component to be relocated and select Relocate To. 3 On the Select Group dialog box, choose OUTBOX and click OK. A Transfer To dialog box appears with a list of sites where to transfer the selected item. Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem 205 4 On the Transfer To dialog box, select the site (server) where the item will be transferred and click OK. 5 Click Yes on the Transfer prompt box to give up ownership of the item. 6 The Org Assignment dialog box appears. Select the Org Code to which the component will be transferred or relocated and click OK. This process moves the component to the OUTBOX selection group. For an installed component, the aircraft tree view displays a HAS PART NUM icon in the appropriate WUC/UNS slot where the component was removed. For more information, see the following topics: ! Relocate Aircraft or Component (on page 204) ! Password Verification (on page 221) ! Task Status Authorization (on page 222) Select Group This dialog box enables you to choose the selection group where you want to relocate inventory items or personnel. Personnel can only be relocated to a new or augment detachment. Note: Although the OUTBOX selection group is the default, do not select it if you are not transferring the inventory item or personnel on a detachment or completely out of your organization's custody. There are two options in the OUTBOX selection group: Transfer to Detachment and Transfer out of your Organization's Custody. 1 Click a group to select it and click OK. 2 To continue, see the following topics: ! Relocate an Installed Component (on page 208) ! Relocate Aircraft to the OUTBOX (on page 207) ! Relocate Component to the OUTBOX (on page 204) ! Relocate Inventory Item or Personnel to Another Group (on page 205) Relocate Inventory Item or Personnel to Another Group The Relocate To Another Group or Relocate to option enables you to move inventory items (aircraft, equipment, or components) or personnel between selection groups (INBOX, OUTBOX, PRIMARY and its detachments or folders). You can only relocate personnel between the PRIMARY group and an Initial or Augment detachment. 1 Open the Inventory Explorer (see "How to Access the Inventory Explorer" on page 193). 206 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA 2 Click the PRIMARY selection group and view Inventory or Personnel tab. 3 Right-click the inventory or personnel that you want to relocate and select Relocate To Another Group or Relocate To. The Select Group (on page 205) dialog box appears listing all possible groups to relocate the item or personnel. 4 Select a group and click OK. 5 You can also drag and drop (on page 21) both inventory and personnel to a selection group. The process moves or relocates the inventory or personnel to the selected grou...
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