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Oma toolbar buttons scheduler the following toolbar

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Unformatted text preview: events. Actions>Delete Event Actions>Maintain Tactical Crews Displays specific prompt boxes to delete flight events. Displays the tactical groups to perform specialized tactical missions. Actions>Maintain Notes and Signatures Displays information associated with the specific flight event and signatures of authorized personnel to make the Scheduler an official document. Actions>Create Cancelled Documents for Outdated Events Creates cancelled flight documents against outdated events that are on the Scheduler but were not flown. Command Buttons - Scheduler The following command buttons are available: Button Action Msn Rdy Aircraft Displays the Mission Ready Aircraft selection box. UP Aircraft Displays the Up Aircraft selection box. Check Readiness Displays the Check Readiness for Aircraft information box. Next Displays the Scheduler Aircrew and Scheduler Crew Activity windows. Chapter 3 Flight Subsystem Button Action Back Returns to either Scheduler Aircrew or Scheduler Aircraft windows. Finish Validates and saves the entries for the flight event and returns to the Scheduler window. New Clears the fields. Delete Deletes a selected item. Close Closes the window. Compute Computes astronomical data. Approve All Approves all aircrew or flight documents. Reset 63 Cancels the approval of aircrew or flight document Maintain Watch Bill The Maintain Watch Bill option enables you to complete the watch bill requirements for a specific schedule. The Watch Bill History block displays personnel previously assigned on specific dates. Along with the Astronomical Data, it reappears as an integral part of the schedule when viewed or printed as a report. 1 Open the Flight Subsystem (see "How to Access the Flight Subsystem" on page 60). 2 On the Scheduler window, click the Maintain Watch Bill button or go to the Actions menu and select Maintain Watch Bill. 3 On the Maintain Watch Bill window, enter the CDO, SDO, and OOD names. 4 To delete an entry on the Watch Bill, click the name and when the list appears, click anywhere on the window. 5 Click Save and click Close to return to the previous window. 64 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Maintain Notes and Signatures The Maintain Notes and Signatures option enables you to add, update, or delete pertinent notes to specific flight events. The Schedule Date is based on the event date. It also places the signature requirements on the schedule to make it an official record. Only personnel with the proper SMQs can sign the schedule. In a multiorganization environment, personnel with SMQ to work with different organizations can select the organization code from the list in the ORG field. 1 Open the Flight Subsystem (see "How to Access the Flight Subsystem" on page 60). 2 On the Scheduler window, click the Maintain Notes and Signatures button or go to the Actions menu and select Maintain Notes and Signatures. 3 To add a note, click the appropriate line. Type the note and press Tab to move to the ne...
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