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Unformatted text preview: ocedures, see the following topics: ! Initiate Unscheduled Maintenance Work Order for Aircraft (on page 444) ! Initiate Unscheduled Maintenance Work Order for SE, ALSS, and MME (on page 445) ! Initiate Unscheduled Maintenance Work Order for NonAeronautical Equipment (on page 446) QT Selection The QT Selection box appears when you select QT in the Type Work Order box from the Unscheduled Maintenance window. The list shows all incorporated TDs applicable to the selected inventory item (aircraft/assembly/component) with two command buttons: OK and Cancel. 1. Select the applicable TD that you want to remove. 2. Click OK or Cancel. Initiate Work Request Work Order Work Request (WR) type work order is initiated as an unscheduled maintenance against an existing discrepancy that may require assistance from a supporting IMA. This request may be a local manufacture of cable, brackets, supports, etc., which is beyond the capability of an OMA. The Unscheduled Maintenance window appears when choose Initiate, and select Unscheduled or when you right-click the Modex item on the Aircraft VED, or on the Serno item on the Support Equipment, ALSS, or Mission Mounted Equipment VED. 1 Open the specific VED (see "Open a VED" on page 342). 2 Right-click the item and choose Initiate and select Unscheduled. The Unscheduled Maintenance window appears. 3 In the Type Work Order box, click WR. 4 In the MCN box, click the MCN of the primary work order. 448 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA 5 Click the Initiate WO button select Initiate WO. or go to the Actions menu and 6 Enter data in the remaining required boxes and then click Save to save the new work order. Note: If it requires that the part be removed and turned in to IMA as part of the work request, go to the Actions menu and select Remove Component Record or click the Create Remove Record button on the toolbar or at the lower window. This particular option or button only appears when you are initiating a Work Request type work order. 7 In the Remove Component Record dialog box, type the CAGE, Part No., and Serno. Change the date removed if other than the default. Also, type the prefix codes and time cycles as required. 8 Click Save on the toolbar. The MCN and JCN Assignments response box appears with a new MCN but the same JCN as the primary work order. 9 Click OK and respond to the Print prompt accordingly. The initiated work request appears in the Work Request Queue in Online Processing. Remove Component The Remove Component dialog box enables you to identify a component that is part of a work request work order. In case of TD compliance involving a component that is part of a work order, this portion of the work order can be used as the turn-in document to the supporting IMA and tags it as a return to a requesting organization. 1 Enter the CAGE, Part Number, Serial Number, Prefix, and the usage count. 2 Click Save. For procedures, see Initiate Work Request Work Order (on page 447). Initiate Inspection or Removal...
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