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Unformatted text preview: und Maintenance Record Procedures (on page 366). Aircraft Limitations Displays a brief narrative on the aircraft's capability in terms of its configuration and missions. For procedures, see Aircraft Limitations (on page 356). Daily Turnaround - Local Card Reference Displays the local references used in the accomplishment of the daily/turnaround inspections based on the MRC listing prepared by QAR. It enables you to add or delete MRCs or local cards that may be part of the daily or turnaround inspection requirements. The entries in this sub tab are the responsibility of the QAR. For procedures, see Daily Turnaround - Local Card Reference (see "Daily/Turnaround - Local Card Reference" on page 368). Last 10 A-Sheets Identifies the A-Sheets with their corresponding data relative to the aircraft configuration/mission and those who made the aircraft safe for flight. Chapter 5 Maintenance Subsystem 365 Add a New A-Sheet to the Acceptance for Flight Tab The AIA record, also referred to as an A-Sheet, is used by Plane Captains, Maintenance Control Managers, and Pilots-in-Command to add new A-sheets for ready-to-fly aircraft. A new A-Sheet is added to the ADB: ! Before the first flight of the day. ! Before each flight. ! When there is a hot seating situation. In this case, the embarking pilot-in-command reviews the ADB and signs a new AIA in the Pilot block while the debarking pilot-incommand signs in the Safe for Flight block. 1 Open the Aircraft VED (see "Open a VED" on page 342). 2 Right-click the Modex and select ADB. 3 Click Acceptance for Flight tab. For procedures, see the following topics: ! Plane Captain and/or Work Center Personnel (on page 371) ! Maintenance Control Managers (on page 369) ! Pilot-in-Command (on page 370) Note 1: The Plane Captain's signature cannot be attached to the A-Sheet sub tab if the Maintenance Control Manager has not signed off the completed Daily/Turnaround inspection MRCs. Note 2: The Pilot-in-Command can sign off an A-Sheet even if the servicing data and inspections are incomplete. However, if the aircraft is selected for a flight to or from a detachment, do not create a pre-flight document. Note 3: The A-Sheet is not complete if there are missing signatures. The Plain Captain, Safety/Maintenance Control Manager, and Pilot are required to sign. Delete an A-Sheet from the Acceptance for Flight Tab Deleting an A-Sheet is sometimes necessary when the previously initiated or completed one is no longer required. This procedure removes the ASheet information and erases the entry on the Last 10 A-Sheet sub tab. # To delete an A-Sheet: 1 On the Acceptance for Flight tab, click the A-Sheet sub tab. 2 On the A-Sheet sub tab, click the Delete button . 3 At the A-Sheet Deletion prompt to delete the current A-Sheet or the Associated Daily or Turnaround Inspection, respond accordingly. For procedures, see Acceptance for Flight Tab (on page 363). 366 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Last 10 A-Sheets The Last 10 A-Shee...
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