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Unformatted text preview: rocedures, see the following topics: ! Initiate Work Order (on page 441) ! Update Aircraft Remarks (on page 374) ! Query Work Orders (on page 346) Chapter 5 Maintenance Subsystem ! Generate Maintenance Reports (on page 395) ! Cannibalization Processing (on page 378) ! Automated Aircraft Discrepancy Book (on page 354) ! Oil Consumption (on page 357) ! 349 Change Inspection Status as SCIR Impacted (on page 374) Note: The Cannibalization Wiz appears if cannibalization is authorized and you have the proper SMQ. The Cannibalization that appears next to the aircraft icon or work Authorized icon orders on the Active Work Order Query window indicates that the aircraft (target) is designated to receive the cannibalized part. The Incomplete Cannibalization icon appears next to aircraft or work orders that have cannibalization to be completed. Cannibalization process for SE, ALSS, and MME is still under development. 4 To update the aircraft status display, click Refresh. 5 To print the aircraft status list, click Print. The main subsystem window also displays Table Maintenance and Online Processing menu selections. For descriptions and procedures, see the following topics: ! Table Maintenance (Work Order (see "Table Maintenance (Work Order)" on page 476)) ! Online Processing (on page 482) 6 To return to the main NALCOMIS OMA application window, click Close. Maintenance Control JCN/Work Center Assignment This dialog box appears when you double-click the AWA column header on the VEDs. It also appears when you click a numeric value under the AWA column for each inventory item that appears on the left pane of the VED when the inventory item has any work order awaiting JCN assignment. It enables you to review the validity of an initiated work order and decide whether to delete the work order or assign a JCN and work center to the work order. When an aircraft or Assembly is received from another organization, all outstanding work orders are moved with the inventory item and they are required to be re-initiated by the receiving organization. The transfer process automatically assigns a new MCN for each work order and annotates on the old MCN on the work order. For procedures on this dialog box, see the applicable topic listed under "In This Section." 350 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Assign a JCN or Work Center to a Work Order 1 Open the specific VED (see "Open a VED" on page 342). 2 Double-click the AWA column entry for the specific Serno or Modex item to open the Maintenance Control JCN/Work Center Assignment dialog box. 3 Enter the appropriate work center. 4 Modify data in the other fields as needed. 5 To enter the WUC/UNS, click the field. The WUC/UNS Selection dialog box appears. 6 The entry for the WUC/UNS field must be selected from the WUC/UNS Selection box. 7 Select the Assy Cd or General WUC/UNS. 8 If using the Search criteria, select Search by WUC/UNS or by Description. Type in the criteria and click Find. -orIf enterin...
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