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Unformatted text preview: by manufacturer. Social Security Number A unique set of numbers that specifically identifies an individual as one of the Optimized NALCOMIS OMA users. SEWC Work Center Support Equipment An inventory subclass assigned to work center support equipment. SHARP Sierra Hotel Aircrew Readiness Program An automated management information system (MIS) primarily used by operations department that tracks aircraft and aircrew flight data. SMQ Special Maintenance Qualification A special authorization assigned to Optimized NALCOMIS OMA users that enable them to perform their assigned tasks. T TAC Total Accumulated Cycles A measure of engine cyclical stresses, which is based on aircraft throttle excursions only. TBD To Be Determined This acronym is used throughout the system, specifically in the Flight subsystem, when the date/time/situation is not known at a certain point. TCP Transmission Communication Protocol A term associated with Internet Protocol (IP) is used to connect various computer networks through the internet. 544 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA TD TYCOM Technical Directive A document authorized by COMNAVAIRSYSCOM to provide technical information necessary to properly and systematically inspect and alter the configuration of aircraft, assembly, and/or component. Type Commander Commands that provide tactical control on their assigned subordinates in conducting tactical training and operation. TEC Universal Numbering System A specific numbering system for specific type aircraft used to identify its systems and subsystems. Type Equipment Code A four (4) characters code used to identify a complete end item. TEDS Trend and Event Diagnostics System A management information system (MIS) processes raw data from the data storage unit (DSU) relative to Structural Appraisal of Fatigue Effects (SAFE) programs. TI Turn-in TMR Total Mission Requirement A three (3) alphanumeric characters code that accurately describes the primary mission of the flight/simulator events, or reason for abort/cancellation of scheduled event. U UNS V VED Visual Electronic Display The default window for Aircraft, Support Equipment (SE), Mission Mounted Equipment (MME), and Aviation Life Support System (ALSS) in the Maintenance Subsystem of Optimized NALCOMIS OMA system that shows the work order counts and their status. VIDS Visual Display Information System W WAN TMS Wide Area Network Lists all Navy and Marine Corps sites that utilize Optimized NALCOMIS OMA. Type/Model/Series A specific designation assigned to an end item that identifies its type, model, and series. WO TRAX Training Readiness Automated Matrix TSN Time Since New The total of counts/time an end item accumulated since new. TSO Time Since Overhaul The total of counts/time an end item accumulated since the last overhaul. Work Order The principal source document used in Maintenance Subsystem of Optimized NALCOMIS OMA used to document maintenance action on aircraft or equipment. WR Work Request WUC Work Unit Code A 1-32 posit...
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