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Sod detachment is active during any given time the

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Unformatted text preview: n you choose Group Explorer, then Create Group, and select Detachment or Create Augment while on the squadron (home guard) server, or when you choose Create Group and select Return while on the detachment server. The box displays three available data fields (Detach To, From Organization, To Organization). Depending on your organization's capability to create a detachment, you may only select your organization from the list. In a multi-organizational situation where various organizations are under one regional server, the SA has the responsibility of creating a detachment. The box has two right-click options (Add Org and Delete Org) when you are in the From Organization or To Organization fields. Data Fields Entries Detach To Select from the list the detachment you want to deploy. Name Enter the appropriate name; the field is user defined. Description Enter a description; the field is user defined. Start and End Dates Use the Calendar (on page 21) to select the dates. Status Select Disconnected. From Organization Use for multi-Org situation. To Organization Use for multi-Org situation. Begin JCN/End JCN Use for SOD only. For procedures, see the following topics: ! Create a Detachment (on page 162) ! Modify a Detachment (on page 164) Modify a Detachment The Group Properties option in the Group Explorer enables you to modify detachment data. 1 Open the Group Explorer (see "How to Access the Group Explorer" on page 151). 2 Right-click the detachment to be modified and select Group Properties, or select the detachment, go to the Edit menu, and select Group Properties or click the Group Properties button 3 The Detachment dialog box appears with information on the previously created detachment. 4 Enter the changes as needed and then click Apply and OK. . Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem 165 Delete a Detachment The Delete Group option in the Group Explorer enables you to delete a detachment if it has not been deployed yet and does not have inventory items or assigned personnel. In the case of a disconnected detachment, a full return of the detachment automatically deletes the detachment once all inventory items and personnel are relocated to the PRIMARY selection group. Note: The Delete Group option cannot be used when the group has aircraft, personnel, or equipment attached to it. All these items must first be moved to another folder or group. 1 Open the Group Explorer (see "How to Access the Group Explorer" on page 151). 2 Right-click the detachment that you want to delete and select Delete Group, or click the detachment and go to the Actions menu and select Delete Group or click the Delete Group button . 3 Respond to the Delete Record response box accordingly. 4 Click OK on the Delete Group box to confirm the delete action. Deploy a Disconnected Detachment When a parent organization (home guard) sends a disconnected detachment on a deployment, special procedures require saving the inventory items (...
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