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Unformatted text preview: e Request prompt box appears. 4 Click Yes on the Delete Request prompt box to confirm the deletion process or click No to return to the Scheduler Aircraft window. See Also Maintain Schedule Report.................................................. 71 View or Print Schedule Report The Maintain Schedule Report option from the Actions menu enables you to view or print the events that were created in the Scheduler window. For procedures, see the applicable topic listed under "In This Section". Maintain Schedule Report The Maintain Schedule Report option enables you to view or print a schedule report. This report reflects detailed flight schedules that include astronomical data, watch bill, and notes and signatures for aircraft, simulator or both. You can also view or print the summarized daily, weekly, or monthly flight schedules. This report displays the number of flight hours to be flown and hours already flown. You can also add squadron logos or bitmaps to appear on the report. All the related information for each flight is listed in the lower window for quick reference. The current default date can be modified. 1 Open the Flight Subsystem (see "How to Access the Flight Subsystem" on page 60). 2 On the Scheduler window, click the Maintain Schedule Report button Report. or go to the Actions menu and select Maintain Schedule 3 Select the ORG if other than the default. 4 Set the Report Date by using the date. or button or by typing the Note: A scheduled flight event that is in a red or magenta color identifies a cancelled flight. 5 Select Aircraft or Simulator in the Report Type check box, if the default (Both) is not applicable. Note: To view the cancelled flights, click the Daily, Weekly, or Monthly picture, and select View Cancel Flts from the Report Type check box. 72 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA 6 If you want to sort the items on the report, select the Sort Report check box and select the options in the Sort Report By check box. 7 Click the Report picture to display the report. Note: The Maintain Schedule Report displays the acronym TBD (on page 543) under the Brief, ETD, and ETA columns when the event created in the Scheduler - Aircraft contains blank times. 8 The Sort Report check box applies only to the Report picture and not to the individual Daily, Weekly or Monthly picture. 9 Click the Daily, Weekly, or Monthly picture to display the appropriate report summary. 10 Click Refresh to redisplay the scheduled report with any modifications that were made to the scheduled events. 11 Click Close to return to the Scheduler window or click Cancel to return to the previous window. 12 To add squadron logos or bitmaps to the schedule report, see Add Squadron Logos or Bitmaps to Schedule Report (on page 72). 13 To view or print a scheduled report, see View or Print Schedule Report (on page 71). Add Squadron Logos or Bitmaps to Schedule Report When generating the Schedule Report, the system enables you to add logos to the two empty...
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