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Unformatted text preview: boxes that appear on the report. These logos must have the .bmp extension. To use a file with other than a .bmp extension, convert it first to a .bmp file. 1 First, see Maintain Schedule Report (on page 71) and follow the procedures for generating the report. 2 Decide on a logo or bitmap you want to use. 3 Double-click the logo file. 4 On the Temp file dialog box, go to the File menu and select Save As File. 5 On the Save In field of the Save As dialog box, click the down arrow and select the proper path as follows: Click drive c: and select OMA>data>bitmaps. 6 On the File Name field of the Save As dialog box, modify the file name as follows to be automatically assigned: ! For the left box: ! For the right box: schd_rpt_2.bmp schd_rpt_1.bmp 7 Click Save to save the file with the .bmp extension. The Schedule Report now displays the logos selected for the two boxes. Chapter 3 Flight Subsystem 73 Update Activity Data The Update Activity Data option enables you to maintain and update the organizational and astronomical data of your activity. It sets up all the default settings on the Maintain Astronomical Data window. The Activity Update window displays the current information and enables you to modify available data fields, particularly the ICAO. Modify the ICAO when a change to the astronomical data occurs due to your activity's change of location or site based on the date on the Maintain Scheduler window. 1 Open the Flight Subsystem (see "How to Access the Flight Subsystem" on page 60). 2 On the Scheduler window, click the Update Activity Data button or go to the Actions menu and select Update Activity Data. 3 On the Update Activity Data window, enter changes on the available fields as needed, and then click Save. 4 Click to return to the previous window. 5 For more information, see Maintain Astronomical Data (on page 65). Activity Data Update The Update Activity Data window enables you to update your activity's organizational and astronomical data. The modification is necessary when your activity has been deployed to another site other than your parent activity. The changes made in this window appear on the Maintain Astronomical Data window as the default settings. Scheduler Aircraft This window enables you to view, add, or delete a flight event. It provides data for aircraft that are available, the missions, and date and time of the event. All data boxes have green dots except TMR Msn. Green dots on boxes indicate that the boxes are modifiable and available for entries. 1 Open the Scheduler (see "How to Access the Flight Subsystem" on page 60). 2 On the Scheduler Aircraft window, type the airlift mission number, if required. 3 Select the Time Zone from the list if other than the default. 4 Enter the time of the briefing. Double-click the Time box to display the Hours and Minutes bars. To select the time, move the Hours and Minutes sliders up or down. Click the time to add it to the Brief Date/Time box. 74 User Guide Optimize...
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