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Unformatted text preview: o return to the CM Report Generator window. For procedures on generating this report, see Uninstalled Parts (on page 338). 341 CHAPTER 5 Maintenance Subsystem In This Chapter Maintenance Subsystem Description .................................341 Maintenance Subsystem Description This subsystem enables authorized maintenance personnel to document scheduled and unscheduled maintenance against aircraft and other end items assigned to the organization. It provides a list of parts and enables personnel to issue work orders (formerly called MAFs) against aircraft to fix discrepancies. It provides the capability to track tools and personnel accountability. It also enables personnel to update or query work orders, to requisition parts, and to sign off all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and material requirements. There are three types of personnel assignments. Depending upon your type and SMQ assignments, you can perform specific tasks in Maintenance: A - Operations type personnel B - Operations and Maintenance type personnel M - Maintenance type personnel Note: In a multi-organizational environment, you can select and perform tasks for any ORG from the ORG list provided that you have been added to that ORG and have the specific SMQs to perform those tasks. Otherwise, the ORG field displays only your organization code and you can perform tasks for only your ORG. How to Access the Maintenance Subsystem On the NALCOMIS OMA window: 1 Click Maintenance . -orGo to the File menu, choose Open, and select Maintenance. 342 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA 2 The default window, Aircraft VED, appears. The Aircraft VED displays toolbar buttons to enable you to open other VEDs. SE Processing ALSS Processing MME Processing Uninstalled Equipment Processing Search Opens the Support Equipment VED Opens the ALSS VED Opens the Mission Mounted Equipment VED Opens the Uninstalled Equipment VED Displays the VED Search dialog box. The NALCOMIS OMA default window for the Maintenance Subsystem also displays Table Maintenance, Online Processing, and Mass Job Status menu selections. These menu selections contain tasks relating to the organization's assets and database tables. For descriptions and procedures for these selections, see the following topics: ! Table Maintenance (Work Order) (on page 476) ! Online Processing (on page 482) ! Mass Job Status (on page 493) Open a VED 1 On the NALCOMIS OMA window, click Maintenance . -orGo to the File menu, choose Open, and select Maintenance. The Aircraft VED appears. 2 To open another VED, click the corresponding button on the toolbar: ! SE Processing ! ALSS Processing ! MME Processing ! Uninstalled Equipment Processing 3 To return to the Aircraft VED, click . Chapter 5 Maintenance Subsystem 343 Toolbar Buttons and Menu Options - Maintenance Subsystem The Maintenance Subsystem displays the following toolbar buttons and menu options: Toolbar Button/Menu Option Create Recurring WO Initiate Recurring WO Add New Clear Enables you to Crea...
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