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User to assymgr assembly manager reserved for future

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Unformatted text preview: Officer Add CO signature. CONADB Contingency for Aircraft Discrepancy Book Add previously completed A-sheets after a contingency situation. CONFMGT Configuration Management View CM screens. CONWO Contingency Work Order Process Display the Contingency WO windows. CREWHIST Personnel Crew History Add or update crew history. CRWAPP Crew Approval Approve aircrew gain, loss, and revisions. DDSNPP DDSN/Proj/Pri Update Assign a DDSN to a requisition and gain access to Proj/Pri Table Maintenance OMA/IMA Interface Management and DDSN Range. DEBRIEF Pilot Debrief/Download Not functional at this time. DOCAT DODIC Catalog Add a DODIC to the catalog. EGUNDO Undo E & G Records Undo E & G Records EREMOVE Removal of "E" Record View and update the Removed/Installed Tab in WO Update. User must also have GINSTALL. EVNTCANX Outdated Event Cancellation Cancel outdated events. EXTRACTF Extract Flight Document Extract flight data information from NALCOMIS OOMA to update FIST. FIMAT Failed/Indexed Material View and update the Failed/Required tab in WO Update. User must also have REQMAT. Chapter 2 Quick Reference Guide in Optimized NALCOMIS OMA 49 Task Code Task Description Enables User to FIXPH Initiate Fix Phase WO Display the Fix Phase WO Initiation window. FIXPHJCN Fix Phase JCN Approval Allow JCN assignment to a Fix Phase. FLDOCDEL Flight Document Delete Delete entire flight document. FLLEGMOD Flight Leg Modification Modify or update flight leg data. FLT Flight Add/Update Add or update flight data. FLTAPP Flight Document (NAVFLIR) Approval Approve flight documents into flight history. FLTCOMSO Flight Commander Signoff Enter the electronic signature for aircraft/mission commander. FLTDOCQY Flight Document Query Access flight document query option. FLTPER Flight Personnel Access flight personnel history. FLTQ Flight Query Access the flight query. FLTRPT Flight Report Access flight reports. FLTSCH Flight Scheduler Access flight scheduler. FLTSCHQ Flight Schedule Query Access flight scheduler query. GINSTALL Install of "G" Record View and update the Removed/Installed tab in WO Update. User must also have EREMOVE. GRPEXP Group Explorer View Group Explorer. HISCOR History Flight Document Correction Correct a completed flight document. IMAQUERY IMA Query Authority Access IMA Queries from the Material Selection menu. IMPLMTN Implementation Update inventory items/personnel during implementation. INSPDUE Inspections Near Due Display the Near Due Inspection windows and initiate WOs. INTERFAC Interface (Platform) Access to specific aircraft modules (platforms). INVEXP1 Inventory Properties Update Update inventory serial numbers and usage. 50 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Task Code Task Description Enables User to INVEXP2 Create and Delete Inventory Item Create or delete new aircraft and components. INVEXP3 Usage Worksheet Correction Update aircraft/component serial number, usage, and assign part numbers. INVEXP4 Usage Record Tab Create/update usa...
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