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Unformatted text preview: spection Look Phase Work Order SP Preservation W/C Action Work Order SX Single W/C Special Inspection Work Order TC Transfer Inspection Control Work Order TD Technical Directive Maintenance Action TF Transfer Inspection Fix Phase Work Order TL Transfer Inspection Look Phase Work Order TM Transit Maintenance Documentation TX Single W/C Transfer Inspection Work Order TS Troubleshooting Maintenance Action WR Work Request Maintenance Action Job Status Codes Job Status Codes are assigned to a work order to indicate its status from initiation to completion. IMPORTANT: It is critical that all work orders accurately reflect the actual Job Status at all times. Value Definition IW In Work M1 AWM Awaiting or undergoing depot repair at the reporting custodian site M2 AWM Support Equipment, Hangar, Hangar Deck, or facilities M3 AWM Backlog. Workload in excess of work center capability M4 AWM Off-Shift Hours. Maintenance requirements exist beyond normal working hours. M5 AWM Other (for example, weather, operational conditions, general drill, training, ceremonies, open house, shipboard/shore station imposed restrictions, etc.) Chapter 2 Quick Reference Guide in Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Value Definition M6 AWM Awaiting AIMD/IMA. Awaiting a return of an engine or component from the AIMD during a Not Mission Capable Maintenance period M7 AWM Flight Operations/Operational Utilization M8 AWM Awaiting Other Shops or Maintenance Actions WP AWP Work Stoppage JC Job Complete Inventory Classes and Subclasses Class: ACFT (Subclass Aircraft) Class: ASSY (Assembly) Assembly subclasses that can be attached to aircraft: ENG Engines provide their own usage source and apply it to installed subassemblies (class TRK, subclass MSR, ASR, SRC and EHR). APU Auxiliary Power Units provide their own usage in meter time and apply it to installed subassemblies, (class TRK, subclass SRC or EHR). EJCT Ejection seats need usage assigned from ACFT. Includes installed subassemblies (class TRK, subclass SRC, EHR, EXP) MRH Main Rotor Heads need usage assigned from ACFT to installed subassemblies (class TRK, subclass ASR, SRC, or EHR). MRHs include multiple rotor assemblies that can be removed as a group. GUN Guns provide their own usage (rounds fired count) and apply it to installed subassemblies, (class TRK, subclass SRC, EHR). MIS Missiles (AFH usage assigned from ACFT for Captive Carry) ("M" type equipment codes) 39 40 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA AMCM Airborne Mine Countermeasures, targets, drones MME MME - Mission Mounted Equipment gun pods, in-flight refueling buddy stores, electronic countermeasure ("B" type equipment codes) PROP Propellers receive their usage from either the aircraft or assembly (engine) depending upon where they are installed. Non-Aircraft Assembly Subclasses (end items in separate equipment grouped folders) AIRC Aircrew subclass is used for PERSONAL aviator's equipment, (NOT aircraft) with installed subassemblies (class TRK, subclass SRC, EXP) SE U...
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